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Title: Mantra
Post by: Steve Hydonus on May 08, 2009 09:31 pm
"Ok... let me get down to the gross, point of a specific...  choose something specific... could choose anything... but let's see...   ok... here it is !     BREATH is key...  what binds across the whole spectrum?   Breath?!   It binds us to believe body is our state, yet it shadows and is companion to another (prana)...   So what is the point?    Let's catch ourselves throughout our Outer Path (work / job / shopping / family) -- When and where noise is noticed, we may STRIVE thru a simple act...  BREATHE...   breath in deep in a complete breath... and put the focus mentally (and physically if possible) into the spiritual eye / the sensoium...  use your personal mantra... (i.e. - God, Christ, Gurus)  (i.e. - Peace) (i.e.- Angels are with us) (i.e.- whatever...)   the key is we will connect (thru this simple act) one end of the spectrum (restless) to our state closest to the other end of the spectrum (peace, bliss).     And as we strive like this again and again, the moments blend...  soon the state is less divided... spectrum shifts...  soon simply flowing in a continuous moment of striving and ever new bliss..."

i was reading thru Nmaste's meandering mind flows and came upon this quote. It genuinely inspired me to think more about the mantra. Just that flowing in of cool breath and that flowing out of warm breath. The awareness. Such a simple act. But the mind does not want to be simple. It gets caught up it perverse complexities. So here i am Nomaste starting from scratch. That simple breath that brings us back to the focus inside and gives momentary relief from the outer functions so we will merge with our inner practice.

Steve Hydonus   

Title: Re: Mantra
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jan 28, 2016 11:55 am
i have found that practicing mantra right after jogging, taking a bath or exercise and various temperature changes is a good time for me. This is because these various states are somewhat different then our usual state of consciousness and they make you more aware of the breath which is connected with the mantra.