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Title: Self Realization Lessons 140 to 150
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 22, 2010 07:47 am
A study of the SRF lessons 140 thru 150

Title: Re: Self Realization Lessons 140 to 150
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 22, 2010 08:06 am

To free itself from experience of death, the soul must first avoid entering a body-prison; and the way to avoid that is to cease creating and pursuing material desires which cannot be satisfied anywhere except on the material plane, and which therefore make it necessary for the soul to reincarnate.

To be released from a prison one must first have entered the prison. When the soul enters and becomes identified with the body, it forgets about the unlimited kingdom of spirit which it forsook in order to incarnate on earth...The prodigal son is jailed in flesh, and must work out its term. As some prisoners who live long in the in the confinement of jail grow accustomed to it and even begin to like it, so some souls, long caged in the bodily prison, grow attached to the body....

Title: Re: Self Realization Lessons 140 to 150
Post by: blue nova on Aug 22, 2010 03:22 pm
yes...souls need to learn detatchment.  ;)  does not soul have to button/burn up its karma too ...before being let out of the circle of reincarnation ?

some souls cannot handle being caged within the "jail" of flesh and bone.  some souls...must go thru 'life' full knowing of that unlimited kingdom of spirit.

Title: Lessons 145 What India can teach us
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jun 16, 2019 06:25 pm
The interesting thing I find out about lesson 145 is the Paramahansa Yogananda actually Comes out and explains the weaknesses and strengths of various religions. Though I am quite sure that Many who read this would totally disagree with me I Usually have not felt so inspired by yogananda’s  poems to God in the beginning of lessons. This one I was particularly inspired by. I think because he talks about side-tracking in art and music instead of going straightway to God.

He also describes the development of nations in their spiritual evolution. In the beginning each nation like a child is busy with material development then with the intellectual development and finally with spiritual development. I think we can assess from this where our nation is in that spiritual development. So it is wise to go to other cultures for much of our development!!

I was so involved in the story; A King’s Search For The Knowledge of God that I had to jump ahead to Lesson #146 to read part 2.