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Title: Magnetism in Relationships
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Mar 20, 2012 05:55 am

one's who are close to spirit / god / soul.....emit or radiate a certain magnetism,,,,blissfull - peacefull - loving magnetism....which can be mistaken by another for 'sexual magnetism' / or a love other than Divine.  especially if the one being drawn / magnetised is on a different 'spiritual level'.


Dear Yoshi there is a saying by a great man: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Abraham Lincoln,

Sexual love is conditional. It is a matter of convenience. Spiritual love is longer lasting and is concerned about the spiritual and physical needs of another. In a all types of magnetism we do not always know from where it's source comes. Yet through circumstances we do gain an understanding and we begin to understand what the state of consciousness is that one is functioning at through the magnetism that they express.

When one expresses spiritual attributes he/she finds it very difficult to have physical feelings towards another unless there is a corresponding spiritual expression also manifesting. Sexual expression is a by product of spiritual affinity. For those who have a strong spiritual anchor in life the physical nature of a relationship must have a spiritual basis as well. Love is stable and secure. It does not change with every passing event or persons who enter ones life. One does not fall out of love in this kind of love. There is no fall. Love expands within a relationship either between friends or lovers. True love has no falling out it is ever new and continues to include others in its periphery.

Those who relate to others on a strictly physical level find many ups and downs and falling outs in relationships. They try to convince others that love was never there or that it some how disappeared. True love does not just disappear. It grows and withstands trials and difficulties. Love accepts another for the way they are in their present state of consciousness. It does not demand that some one be something that they are not able to express. It is patient and watches another go thru some dark narrow alleys and make mistakes. It does not judge but feels for the other and exhibits compassion and understanding at every turn. It waits for the other when another may go down dead end roads that have no way of making u turns from to find a way out. This kind of love looks on when at times it can only function from a distance yet still it exists.

When we love another we find that their definition of love may at times be quite different and change with passing moods or conditions. This is only for a time for love finds a way even though another may not. Love always finds a way. It does not give up. It knows that the it's existence is dependent on faith. Faith that love will not die but that it is only lying dormant for a time. Love is still a part of life. There can be know true life without love. Because God is love and everything is a manifestation of God. We only watch love change. It never dies. It just manifests differently and those who love follow its call.


Title: Re: Magnetism in Relationships
Post by: elfunrocker on Mar 21, 2012 11:51 am
Sometimes being magnetized to someone else can also become the wrong polarities in the end.  ;)

Title: Re: Magnetism in Relationships
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Mar 22, 2012 03:02 am
Sometimes being magnetized to someone else can also become the wrong polarities in the end.  ;)

i think it is most important to follow the advice of those who have tried to help us the most in life. Sometimes people can keep us in a day dream. A true friend helps to knock some sense in us. Thanks Elfun. i had said very little to u but you follow your instincts and intuition dramatically sometimes. It is rather shocking and i just had to laugh. Sometimes others can make us laugh and smile about life. i give u credit for that one.  ;D

Sometimes it is possible to b kind and loving with someone  only from a distance. i hope i am not mistaken about that also. While i get your drift i would like to think that in every relationship what ever it may b there is something to salvage. Although some people just have the repetitive ability to cause trouble for themselves and others one relationship after another.  :'( They r very hot and sticky to the initial taste buds but magnetic like hot molasses: to hot to swallow and too sticky to spit out. (http://www.internationalmolasses.com/images/design/image.molasses2.jpg) i have seen this to b the case in church and meditation oriented people just as often as secular types. When ever you get close to them they seem to kick their spurs into you in another way than before.  They like to get u going but mostly for their own benefit. :(


But then we re-enter the material world. We may leave the church parking lot and fight to be the first one to leave before all the others.(Unless your a turtle and you are just glad to make to the other side safely) ;).... How easy we seem to forget or maybe we become entangled again at this spiritual level like fishing line that wasn't properly spooled (schooled he he). HELP, THIS IS A MESS! ;D ;)