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Title: Tips on the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Techniques
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Sep 09, 2012 01:41 am
SRF (Self Realization Techniques)

Even if you do not practice the SRF techniques you may benefit from some of these tips on meditation. But I have met many others who have expressed discouragement with meditation. A plummer does not go to fix the plumbing without tools and a carpenter does not not build a house without his tools. So why do you think that meditation is any different? When you go to school you need books to study and when you cut your hair you need an assortment of the right tools; brushes scissors etc. to make your hair look good. Meditation is no different. You need the proper meditation techniques to control the lunatic mind. i am not here to say that they are only the SRF techiniques. You and i both know that many people use different tools to accomplish a job. Find yours. i am not a fanatic about this. i just know that no one gets to heaven without helping their friends and brothers and sisters. What? Do we want it all for ourselves? All this joy and bliss to not share it? The spiritual life is not a selfish life. If you think you can do it on your own you will run up against brick walls and fall back in your progress. The spiritual life is all about service and kindness to others. Let us not forget the golden rule. (Lucky for me i have friends that remind me of that when i am blinded by my own opinions.) Otherswise we will be right back where we started. It takes giving to recieve. i just have been practicing this for many years and have found many pitfalls in the process and many helpful tools as well. i am no different than you i am just making an effort and continue to as many of you are.

Many friends here at the forum know so many things about the spiritual life that i do not. i am learning from all of you.
Let this be very clear: i have much to learn and thank you all for your help in my spiritual progress as well and your suggestions. Having said that you know that i am not trying or have any intention on being your teacher or guru. i still am learning how to be a disciple and student. i have made many spiritual blunders in life. It is not too pretty to look back on those blunders so i try too look forward and take notice of the present instead. Pride and ego on the spiritual path is the quickest way to hell and i am nothing more than a humble servant who is trying to learn to serve properly.The first will be the last. If we put ourselves before others and above others we are doomed to failure. i often must learn this principle myself. Please accept my humble apologies if i have offended or hurt anyone unknowingly. Until we come as little children before Gods presence our ego will be mercilessly battered into submission if we have any hope at all for spiritual understanding and progress. This discipline must be looked at as a blessing from heaven and not a curse from hades. Yea>>>>>>>>>> (Where did all that come from.Sometimes i wonder myself.)

When you meditate keep your shoulders back to avoid constriction of the spine. Keep hands in towards the thighs to avoid drooping. Don't lift head back it pinches nerve endings. If you can, hold the body still for thirty minutes. You will percieve God as peace. Put a book or something else on the head so you you will know what the head is doing and if you are entering passive states and drifting out. Your head will fall if you are drifting into subconscious states. Then the book will fall also letting you know.  Rivot attention with eyes up.

Don't just do the energization exercises. Exercise at least a half hour a day. Work up a sweat every day. The body will be more alert and oxygenated. Do the 20 20 20 breathing as much as 12 times. Do the Kriyas and concentrate. They are not passive meditation techniques. They work to free the spirit from the body and effectively destroy seeds of past karma. Tense the body while doing double breathing. Don't sit passively. The monks and nuns at SRF chant every 45 minutes to awaken devotion and stay alert and awake.Unless you are really deep do not go more than 45 minutes without chanting, praying or affirming affirmations. Keep a diary on how long and how deep you meditate. It is important to meditate deep for 5 minutes rather than noding out or drifting for long periods. Be careful about the OM technique it is a very easy technique to think with......watch out! In group meditation it is the leaders responsibility to watch the group and make sure others are not falling asleep sloutching etc.

To those who are in tune I will stoop down from heaven and let them know the LOVE of my FATHER- Paramahansa Yogananda
Know ye not that you are the temple of God and the spirit of God is in you?- Jesus the Christ



Title: Re: Tips on the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Techniques
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 09, 2012 02:38 pm
hi jitendra
i've been experiencing similar feelings lately with humility and ego, cultivation and practice- being! this, me sdfkljsdfkj
it's all so beautiful huh ?
anyway was nice coming here and reading your post
and if you've felt some inner harmony and understanding, a little motivation. well, that was nice to feel
thank you for sharing your inspiration

the sun will be up soon. . .
good night !

Title: Re: Tips on the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Techniques
Post by: flying squirrel on Sep 10, 2012 09:39 am
Hey dragonpie !  8)

who needs the sun ?

Got the neon green alien lights from Jitendra !  :o ;D

Title: Re: Tips on the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Techniques
Post by: flying squirrel on Sep 10, 2012 09:50 am
Hey brother Jitendra !  8)  good thing I got my shades on ! Dang those are bright lights !

personal favorite technique of mine is the forest version SRF
aka Squirrel Reflective Fantasy technique  ;D 8)

no energization required, just tree hopping branch to branch
balance is definitely a pre-requisite
best not to do first thing in the morning
or late at night ! ( due to stray flying bats  :o ) who have a totally different concept of reflecting

"put a book on the head " ?  :o
you got to be kidding me !!!!

wait, I do that when I sleep, put a book on my head and then osmosis, in the morning
squirrel is smarter than the average bear !

Title: Re: Tips on the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Techniques
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Sep 13, 2012 08:04 pm
Hey dragonpie !  8)

who needs the sun ?

Got the neon green alien lights from Jitendra !  :o ;D

quote from Flying Squirrel

Yes; well i thought i would add a little  color to your life squirrel. My hope is to lite you up like a Christmas tree. Rudolph the red nose flying squirrel. Imagine the pink nose on a squirrel.

You know as restless as squirrels seem they do hibernate and follow thru on their meditation when all their busy work is done. The book on the head is to avoid sleeping and nodding out during meditation. When/if it falls you will know what you have been doing. Better to use a lighter book!

On a side note i wonder if dragon pie has been eating out too much at Texan Mexican restaurants to choose such a name. Their food is like dragon pie! Hot! and the sauce is  :o

maybe....stop running and instead sit still & meditate....all answers can be found within....


quote from Yoshi

well bless my lucky stars !

just about fell off my branch   :o

hugs from yoshi !    ;D 8)

HA HA , sit still and meditate .... difficult for a squirrel to do who is always running around !

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