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Title: Drama can take us a long ways
Post by: Swami Peevananda on Oct 31, 2012 07:29 am
A little drama can take us a long way towards the goal.
I will prove it to you at the end of my story.

I know you have wondered hard and long
about my whereabouts in time and space.
Its of no concern to  me. I can  getalong
with a fine pinch of host and an once of
stiff sacramental wine. Enjoy your
Holloweeny everyone and stop by
my parish for some late night
confessionals and some tricks.
I know you would
never admit what evening thrills
and morning indulgences you enjoyed.
If you give out tootsie
rolls I will be around myself to
enjoy the evening. May the devill
scare you out of your mortal frame
this  Halloweeny.. There is one treat
 I will leave you with:

It's a cemetary story  for your Halloween
delight.  A man was walking along  
through a cemetery on a dreary dark night.
and fell in a freshly
dug grave. No matter how he tried getting
out he was not able to climb the
steep cut dirt walls. So he sat in the corner
waiting till morning  hoping to get some help.
It just so happened that another man was walking through
the same cemetery later that night.  He fell into the
freshly dug grave also.
So the first man decided to have a little fun.  8)
From a very dark corner of the pit
He said in a low voice: This is the departed spirit
of Joel Casper. Before hardly finishing his sentence.......
the second man jumped so high and took a flying leap
out of the freshly dug  whole. So you see in all our spiritual
endeavors a little enthusiasm, drama and incentive can carry us a
 long ways towards the goal.

Stories from a drama  based forum dump site!     ;D
Happy Halloween Eeeeeeee    :o

Swami Peeeeeevananda

Title: Re: Drama can take us a long ways
Post by: Dumpster on Oct 31, 2012 03:47 pm
Bro Peevananda it is good to know there's a few people around here like you! sick bro. really sick!
There should be some warm pizza in the dumpster on Halloween I'll share
with you!