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Title: Re: Natal Charts: If you want info on your natal chart make a new topic.
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Sep 25, 2014 02:53 pm
Galactic friends:

If you have been on the forum for a while it is nice to get more acquainted. One way is through looking at natal charts. This section is not intended to b a full chart reading as this takes much time and meditation and it is part of my source of income. If you are interested in full chart readings. I will spend one hour of time with you for 60 dollars and continue with your chart readings.

i have decided to add a separate category for natal charts. Why? because this nook of the forum sometimes gets pretty busy. People want to look at natal charts but they are combined or in places or other categories under child boards which makes it more difficult to just pull them up at a moments notice. Also some people have deleted their natal charts or for one or more reasons they are no longer shown. Besides if someone wants other types of readings they also can put charts under those categories. This will make it easier because i can not tell if we are still supposed to be drawing from these sources. So if you would like us to occasionally look at your natal charts please put them here. Be sure they are a new topic.
Thank You

Steve Hydonus