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Title: Family
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Dec 18, 2015 03:34 am
thanks steve. i appreciate you sharing that with me.

.. just having a bit of fun with the previous post.

and thank you beady for the invite ((hugs)) =)

you're right. we have a nice little family here.

regards from down south !  ;D

Really like your use of the word 'family' Eric. For many of us the coventional idea of 'family' is changing and expanding. I saw a video some years back with  'Frank Alper' talking about how families existed in Atlantis. Very different u know. The kids had several mothers that liked to play that 'role' All the children were with these 'mothers' and others from the community would come and visit. Very different then this time we live in.

I remember seeing Amma and all the kids were together. They seemed to have a blast playing games with one another and getting to know children with similar spiritual up bringing. Mother would have the kids on the stage with her at retreats. They appeared to b really attracted to her; mesmerized. Can u imagine it having a child b blessed by a 'christ'; a spiritual saint? How would you have liked to had that influence at such an early age? She joked with them, played with them and they appeared quite comfortable talking and engaging with her even though in front of hundreds of people.

Title: Re: Family
Post by: mccoy on Dec 24, 2015 09:27 am
That may bear a huge positive spiritual influence. Other people though will let themselves be devoured by the wordly events.
those who've been so lucky need to cling for life to those inspiring influence.