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Title: Shannon 's transits
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jan 10, 2016 12:22 pm
An awareness of the wisdom that has been learned by the past and from all kinds of relationships weighs heavy on our lady of the hour. A decision was made before coming to this incarnation to work out various periodic changes in relationships that bring new insights into life.The rays of Saturn are symbolic of these deep emotions that now surface. The mother and 'home' may be of concern as matters slow in such areas, including finances. The Lord of karma now gives a birds eye view of how to live better and choose new found wisdom over old patterns of behavior that are no longer fitting for insights gained now and in recent years. This is a much more emotionally serious period in life. Things will be light and breezy again but at these times serious feelings weigh heavy while we pray for one such as this. Not only will people be taken out of her life but remembrance of past events grows. We all have these periods of reviewing our relationships with nostalgia and finding new ways of dealing with old emotional scars. This is a time of sentimental journey and adjustment to emotional setbacks that will ultimately be beneficial to Shannon.

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I'm just curious, how do you come to know some of these things?

Hi jeff

There is a harmony between events in the heavens that synchronize with events in our life. This can be read by knowing the time place and date of a person's birth. We must be born at that time and place that reflects our karmic background. With a knowledge of the meaning of the movement of the planets,  in relationship to the time and place of birth we can ascertain karmic events unfolding before us that were initiated in previous incarnations. This becomes quite apparent by observing our own predicament in life in relationship to the interplay of the planets-now in motion-with the patterns of the planets at birth. God's laws are just and are written in the eyes, the stars and physical phenomena occurring all around us.

This is another way God shows us that his laws and harmony are working and unfolding before our eyes at every moment in time. To interpret such events requires much study and intuitive knowledge of the patterns revealed to us by physical phenomena. It also helps to have a intuitive knowledge of the soul in question or the situation in question.

For instance: We can make a simple observation of the person of interest. In this case Shannon. By looking at her picture you will find a depth and intensity associated with the sign Scorpio. Then if you look at her birth date and time you will find indeed she has several planets in that sign. You can then observe where those planets lie in her chart. Since we find them in the sixth house we know that much emphasis is placed on her service. Since we see planets moving thru a natal chart we can interpret what affect they would have on the individuals life. With some knowledge of the person and his or her evolutionary status we can intuitively recognize what that person is encountering in their life.

There are people who have an immediate intuitive knowledge of God's unfolding drama as related to an individual's life. I have had many personal encounters with some of them. It is important  to recognize that many errors and learning experiences are gained by such evaluations. We/i are not infallible and learn constantly, comparing notes with other spiritual seekers to recognize God's divine plan in our personal lives.

Title: Re: Shannon 's transits
Post by: SpiritImage on Jan 13, 2016 02:19 am
Well no I get all that,

Not saying I don't believe that you're able to tap into intuition for others, or that the science used is imperfect.

But if for example, if someone told me right now is a good time to be with family and will be an emotional time for me, etc., my thoughts just might then be altered because of that.

But if I wasn't told that, maybe I would've gone a different direction.