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Title: Living in the Past
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Sep 10, 2016 02:35 pm
We can not relive the past and change is happening around us constantly. We are living in the present and if others have taken us out of their present it is best to assume that the good times we had with them in the past are over forever as we leave ourselves open to our own awareness of what our present is and the blessings it brings with a different awareness. Some people make enemies out of others when that consciousness is only in their heads and thier consciousness. If it is not in our own we go on without that negativity and attract others who do not see the world thru the darkness, of the eyes of  'enemies' we need to defeat.

At times there are those who intentionally provoke others and live a tamasic life in which case we may have to fight for satvic values but otherwise it is best to leave ignorance alone.