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Title: Black Teen from Houston supporting Trump
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 17, 2016 11:12 pm

awesome! just watch the rest of the interviews it's better then what CNN, washington post, yahoo news, huffington post have to say- this is what PEOPLE have to say... you can even see those who are so emotional and brainwashed from the garbage they are usually fed on TV how they react(very uncivilized almost humorous). just sayin!

Title: Latinos for Trump
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 17, 2016 11:16 pm

Title: Re: Black Teen from Houston supporting Trump
Post by: ding dong on Sep 18, 2016 12:39 am
lol, I'm afraid these interviews are incredibly vapid. Look, here's a black for trump! Oh, here's a mexican! That's all it is. I'd rather read any of those sources you mentioned than infowars who to me are just so obviously ludicrous. I see infowars as a bizarre form of entertainment and I can enjoy it on that level. But if I actually want to hear some political commentary I go elsewhere. You can find all kinds of idiosyncratic people out there. It proves nothing of relevance. Poor southern people, for example, are known to have been voting against their own interests for like...since elections began. Again, it doesn't prove that those positions are smart. The fact that infowars thinks that throwing black and a mexican on camera to praise trump in a vague and meaningless way is demonstrative of their uselessness as a source. Sorry if that offends you.


Just google "economist supports trump".

Most seem to agree that his plans are not realistic and dangerous. It seems very likely that the guy is just not able to conceive the difference between an entire country's economy and a casino.

He also has expressed a disregard for climate change which is a concern to many of us.



Title: Re: Black Teen from Houston supporting Trump
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 18, 2016 01:22 am
ding dong thank you for highlighting a very clear point... that headliners from any source can be ludicrous and serve no relevance other then to suade public opinon if one does not do their own research. 
although i'm big on infowars i'm more so excited we got some action here in Houston today so no offense taken ding dong!
i think watching the interviews of the "common people" is very entertaining because most of these people get their sources from the names listed above... most of these sources most spend their days writing articles pointing fingers because that's how they get paid contributing very little to "relevance with todays issues".....

you can find "anything" on the internet.
just scroll your iphone left and let the headliners under your search bar dominate your brain with their misleading garbage.

and dont worry infowars isnt JUST highlighting PRO trump users here today...

or how about the intelligent lovelies from black lives matter...

i'm just observing from the sidelines...i'd love to expand my sources but for now infowars to me seems more credible then what i find on TV.
the problem for me is most people who get their news get it from these extremely biased or corrupt sources and even take "opinon articles" as matter of fact. they get emotional from it and all its doing is perpetuating the violence. it's so easy to find this type of news anywhere but so difficult to find credible and reliable sources.... who else do you use??? i'm open dingdong  :)