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Title: Living on the surface of life.
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Nov 05, 2016 05:28 pm
I have had friends who just will never quite understand my way of life. Going inside and exploring the inner realms of reality is just not their thing. You try to explain meditation to them and your made to feel that they get some of the same experiences walking thru the country or golfing. However knowing the depth of such experiences and the satisfaction associated with them I am more likely to spend the time alone. Since others usually influence you to do external activities which take you away from such internal states. That is why it is wonderful to have a few yogis as friends. Today I will go back to the woods and practice fiddle but mostly sit by a river high up on a bluff and meditate. I am looking forward to it! I connect with those I care about in these inner states. Praying and thinking of them. Being physically close is not as important as connecting spiritually.

Title: Re: Living on the surface of life.
Post by: tides2dust on Nov 05, 2016 06:53 pm
Perhaps they get but a small taste of what you immerse yourself with by being around you. When I would dedicate more time and discipline to the practice, friends would "randomly" say things that I know now are the results of meditation. Like, "I feel so calm around you," "I trust you" or, "You help me see life in a way that wasn't so clear before." I wouldn't do anything other then hang out. I know it's not me but the residual from meditation and deep commune with God.

It's a beautiful feeling to empty ourselves and let Gods light shine through. Peace... And happy Fiddlin! =)