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Title: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Starling on Aug 27, 2009 09:58 am

Hey to the Midnight Astrologer:) Wondering if you can tell me your findings  of the relationship and job areas of my chart and anything else you deem interesting, friend:) Starling

Title: Career Goals
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 27, 2009 09:26 pm
Hi Starling it is good to hear from you again. You asked a few things about your chart. Let me start with this becuase it is easy; Your chart system is similar to mine in the sense that you have the Gemini Rising paradigm. This makes your 10th house ruled by Uranus with Aquarius filling most of the house except for a small part of Pisces. You and i are both rather independent and work better in our own work or as leaders. Or at least have unique type jobs. This is your time vocation aspiration as well as mine for our careers. As you know doubt know both Jupiter and Neptune are transiting this house. This is a time when our dreams just might come true when it comes to our careers. It is definately not a time to pass up when defining and finding career opportunities . This time may never return this life time. You will never see Neptune transiting this house again and Jupiter will take another 10 years to be in this area of your chart.

It is important that we make our career moves now. As long as your career objectives don't get fooled by quick rich schemes or scams from others we have the perfecf time to realize our ideals in career objectives. Act now and don't dream about realities now because your capacity to manifest your dreams is much more possible and likely to happen in the next year or so. Your goals in the world and to serve others in those activities gain a lot of importance now. Will get back with you Sue. Must find about a career possibility myself. Thanks for your freindship and support of my interests in astrology here and when we worked together... How can i forget...

Steve Hydonus

Title: Re: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Starling on Aug 28, 2009 10:47 am
Hi Steve...Thanks for your speedy response to my chart...I have a very optimistic feeling about some training that I am going to pursue to get back in to the health field and attempt to obtain a certificate for certified nursing assistant....I am hoping I can combine my past experience in the mental health field with this training and make something positive come from it....I have alot of opportunity to pursue many areas in the health field and is something I really want to get back into..as you know my career in Michigan was ruined(as you warned me) and I was unable to find any kind of position after that. I am hoping to be enrolled in a course by January. Will be awaiting more from you:)...Sue

Title: Re: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 29, 2009 07:19 pm
Well Starling You have had an interest in astrology for a while now. i would ask you what you think of these two charts in comparison and then i will comment. This isn't all about me and my ??? Divine Wisdom  :P (LOL) on the subject.


Title: Re: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Starling on Sep 01, 2009 11:29 am
LOL... Okay Estabondo,I do value your  ??? divine wisdom...... my friend, whether you realize it or not, but I will take a stab at what I see here  :-\

His ascendant falls at the bottom of my chart and in my 4th house. My Sun in Leo trines his Moon in Aries(this is a very good aspect for a relationship) indicating a pleasant flow, and fall into the element of the fire sign, and should take on the flavor of that element, as well, his Aries Moon trines my Mercury  in Leo, indicating an ability to communicate emotional matters and everyday practical affairs.
My Sun in Leo, also is in conjunction with his Mars in Leo,(accomplishment or conflict here?) but definitely sexual attraction:)
There!!!!.....I know you like to have a little input from me on the subject, what I have learned I have learned from you. I know I tend to focus on  positives in a chart,(I do that with most everything in life naturally) there are negatives present too, which we will discuss later, such as my Moon in Virgo opposing his Mercury in Aries, indicating some problems with communication and difficulty understanding each other.....I am anxious for reply to see how I have done:) Sue

Title: Re: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Sep 01, 2009 04:22 pm
Hi Starling i am just going to start out small here... a little bit at a time... and hopefully we can go back and forth on this one. Now you probably know that you have a strong square to your stellium in Leo and it comes from the 6th house. i am very familiar with this kind of square since i have one in my own chart but it involves my 5th and 2nd houses. In your case it involves the 4rth and 6th houses. This square manifests as inner tensions in the home sitatuation with relation to how those in the home serve. Or we could look at it a bit differently and say that deceptions arise in our service that involve energy patterns that are integral to your being. This very important square often leads the native to a alternate view of how to deal with reality since the experience of lifes service and the home sitatution have a dyanamic tension. Now if we look at your friends chart we see that he was born slightly later than you which brings his Neptune in exact square to your stellium. Having the familiarity of this square over a life time we begin to deal with it. i want to go over this a bit more. Just wonder what you think of this square and the square between his Neptune and your stellium?

Yes your Moon squares his Sun but not by sign. i would be more interested in that Sun in Aries at 29 degrees and your Moon in Virgo at 29 degrees. it forms an angle of destiny. Add this one: My Moon is at 29 degrees of Scorpio which also forms an angle of destiny to his Moon and an opportunity for our Moons. Twenty nine degrees is a critical number.

Mike is an unusual man and attracts some woosies with Uranus and Pluto on the ascendent but this probably keeps life exciting for you since you demand a bit of that out of a man with Uranus next to your Sun. This man goes thru periodic changes in his life that have a transforming effect on him. Hope they are for the best. He could learn a lot by the huge changes that occur in his life. Now it's your turn. i wonder what do you think about my natal chart and transits? It's here also.


Title: Re: Birth Chart for Starling
Post by: Starling on Sep 02, 2009 11:49 am
Hi Steve...Wow..you have given me alot to ponder here....I will reply a small bit at a time...K?
This square of the stellium in my fourth,is with neptune? I am assuming. Indicating that there may be struggles with defining who I am, gravitate towards the wrong people, potential to be taken advantage of, and be attracted to neptune-ruled behaviors. With Michael's Neptune squaring this aspect I may be dealing with a form of deception, however, not a concious attempt by him to be decieving or to intentionally hurt me. Realizing that there is the  potential of him promising more than he can deliver with misunderstandings becoming the result .....I need to be careful in being too idealistic in my expectations of this relationship, and of him and what he can offer me. We both need to be realistic about our hopes and dreams or our relationship can be undermined. A better area to focus on with Neptune in play here would be a spiritual connection that possibly exists between us? Thus, the angle of destiny you mentioned of his Sun in Aries and my Moon in Virgo? I believe you and Michael would get along superbly...knowing the both of you as well as I do 8)
Michael has undergone many, many issues with his health from the time he was 19......that have had huge effects on transforming him as a person, I believe from what I know, that he has grown and learned alot and has become a better person as a result of those health issues.   :o  WOW.. ;) Give me some time to study your chart...and I will be back with you soon friend :) This has been a good learning experience for me, attempting to clear the cobwebs in my brain, has been along time since I've really looked at charts and studied the meanings of aspects..not to mention, my mental clarity seems to be flowing well at the moment :P  Talk to you soon...Sue