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Title: How to remain in the lower realms
Post by: tides2dust on Jul 02, 2017 05:23 am
~Self-consciousness grows through lack of self-control. Man attaches such importance to his life that his slightest joy or sorrow becomes of worldwide importance to him, and thus he becomes prey to every form of weakness; for it is a natural law that a single atom of depression gathers the clouds of gloom, and a slight pain reflected in the consciousness grows into a mountain.~
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Title: Re: How to remain in the lower realms
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jul 02, 2017 05:56 am
What a quote Eric! Something to ponder over and over. It is like a koan. I immediately felt it's import. I can always rely on your adages of wisdom from the great ones.

I remember having much less self control at one time and I was very self conscious.

Title: Inquiry on How to free yourself from the lower realms
Post by: tides2dust on Nov 13, 2018 04:34 am
"If there is any such thing as self-denial, it is this practice; and by this practice in time one attains to a power which may be called mastery over oneself.

In small things of everyday life one neglects this consideration because one thinks, 'These are my tendencies, my fancies, my inclinations, and by respecting them I respect myself, by considering them I consider myself.' But one forgets that what one calls my is not oneself, it is what wills that is oneself. Therefore in the Christian prayer it is said, Thy Will be done, which means, Thy Will when it works through me; in other words, my will which is Thy Will, be done. It is this illusion of confusing one's possession with oneself that creates all illusion and keeps man from self-realization."

I have had fears of self-denial and killing this "personality" I have come to love. I am certain any one on a spiritual path faces and struggles with defining the self and is made to inquire within- quoted above, possessions are not just material but may even be seen in defining traits likened to the development of our physical shells. when defining "self" i found these words uplifting and seen from an attitude of service, love, gratitude and worship...

"The Bible speaks of self-denial. People think it means not eating, not drinking, giving up all that is beautiful and good in life, going somewhere in solitude never to appear again. It is a wrong interpretation of a true teaching. Self-denial is self-effacement; it comes from self-forgetting. If one studies one's surroundings one finds that those who are happy are so because they have less thought of self. If they are unhappy it is because they think of themselves too much. A person is more bearable when he thinks less of himself. And a person is unbearable when he is always thinking of himself. There are many miseries in life, but the greatest misery is self-pity. That person is heavier than rock, heavy for himself and heavy for others. Others cannot bear him. He cannot carry himself."

Seems like a catch-22, that we are constantly examining ourselves and yet we are constantly trying to liberate ourselves from the self we are forced to examine

yet i know there are moments of pure bliss, where there is no self, there is even no need to examine and it is an intoxicating feeling of love and knowing which may be called harmony


a bit of a reflection... i have been called selfish for seeking harmony and not getting involved in human drama... yet i think if i can learn to carry this harmony often that this is a great service to mankind- a type of involvement not forced to adhere to the rules dictated by those suffering