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Title: A Tale of Moses
Post by: tides2dust on Jan 10, 2018 02:15 am
I meant to share this the other day but forgot. Hope you like it
“There is a story told of Moses. One day he was passing through a farm, and he saw a peasant boy sitting quietly and talking to himself, saying, 'O God, I love you so; if I saw you here in these fields I would bring you soft bedding and delicious dishes to eat, I would take care that no wild animals could come near you. You are so dear to me, and I so long to see you; if you only knew how I love you I am sure you would appear to me!'

Moses heard this, and said, 'Young man, how dare you speak of God in this way? He is the formless God, and no wild beast or bird could injure Him who guards and protects all.' The young man bent his head sorrowfully and wept. Something was lost to him, and he felt most unhappy. And then a revelation came to Moses as a voice from within which said, 'Moses, what have you done? You have separated a sincere lover from Me. What does it matter what I am called or how I am spoken to? Am I not in all forms?'


Title: Re: A Tale of Moses
Post by: tides2dust on Jan 13, 2018 07:02 am
I thought about this story again today. There's so much we don't know about people, our understanding and our journey is one of a kind. Someone cold or crude may not actually be those things so it doesn't make sense to judge another harshly, even after our shortcomings. We each understand God within our own capacity and our understanding is so unique, God does not seem to judge the way we might others- no matter what path one takes, any appreciation to this ideal seems to get Universe talking. Communion with spirit is alive, the heart is alive. Awareness of those special moments for the individual... Curious how Hazrat Khan teaches God existing within us yet at times, we seem so far away from God or simply unconscious of this Divine Love that is talked about by so many faiths of the world.