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Title: The Frog
Post by: tides2dust on Jun 01, 2018 04:36 am
I took a walk to the bayou today and went through the trails where I found a chair to sit and meditate.

Near the end of my meditation something jumped out from the corner of my eye and scared me, lol.

I thought it was a lizard because the creature had a large thick tail but a closer look and it was a a young frog hopping from out of the waters- he hopped past me and across the dirt path where he took rest in the shade.

Upon further reflection I see my meditation efforts and attempts to get back into living a spiritually fulfilled life at its baby steps in my metamorphosis. I am still a young adult much like this Frog. I am noticing my Spiritually minded friendships as well, I also noticed on the walk someone else meditating in the same area- then after the frog I saw someone else on the dirt trail to my side as young as I exercising just the same. I immediately thought of us as the young bucks trying to do their own thing and I think there is a message from this cute little frog who scared the crap out of me in my meditation LOL

At least this has something to do with metamorphosis and I trust God is working his magic through me and my greater desires... At this time I should retreat back to the Silence... Lastly, I hope to retain a confidence in living my path and relinquish Fear, Judgement and my own perversions...

The frog, symbol of transformation
The frog is an amphibian and goes easily from water to earth during its life. By extension, it has been often revered as a symbol of transition. If you see the frog as your animal totem or spirit guide, you may be called to experience change in your life. Those changes might be with regards to how you lead your life and can also be of spiritual nature.

Call on the frog spirit animal to guide you through times of transition and help you smoothly go from one state to the next. It will support your transformation or metamorphosis in a subtle yet powerful way.

The frog spirit, mystery and magic
The ability to go from water to earth is characteristic of the frog. Those who have the frog as a spirit animal or totem might be inclined to walk between planes, whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional, and enjoy playing with the magic of life and nature.

This animal being active at night, it is often seen as the favorite animal of the arts of the dark and witchcraft. By extension, this totem animal is associated with life mysteries and familiarity with the unknown.
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The Froglet !!  :D So cute  ;D

Title: Re: The Frog
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jul 17, 2018 05:53 pm
This is what I saw walking in the door today.


Title: Re: The Frog
Post by: tides2dust on Jul 17, 2018 08:12 pm
Now that's wild!  :o