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Title: My Darshan
Post by: tides2dust on Jun 23, 2018 05:28 am
Well just to continue sharing the experience I wanted to add,
when it was time to be embraced by Amma it happened so quickly.
She pulled me in quite firmly and I rest against her side and she chanted in my ear.
I'm not sure if it was english but maybe a different language and all I remember is her saying,
At one point I almost giggled because of how fast and repetitious she became with saying NO but immediately my thoughts turned towards gratitude and I sent her a big thank you with as much light as I could back to her while we embraced. The lady told me Amma is often whispering things like, "my baby or, my daughter, my son."
I hung out for a little and continued to watch Amma bless people, it was so captivating.
Today my Sister invited me to Yoga. The instructor said, "you are not your thoughts. you have the power to choose."
Well, it made me think of Ammas chant. Whether this was the intended meaning or not, it doesn't matter... It made me think- should I catch myself residing in thoughts I do not wish, I will cast them out the way Amma chanted no in my mind... The intent alone, to pull myself out and the actual commanding of thought. Perhaps Amma knows I am trying to improve- knows my pity parties and my fears... And has given this as a way to help me... In any case, that was my embrace now I find a place in my heart full of Love when I think on her... Think on the people there who were all smiles and sincere... Such a beautiful moment.

Thank you again Steve for encouraging me all this time to go see her and creating the opportunity for such a unique experience.