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Title: Githa
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 22, 2018 05:30 am
githa - Sanskrit (https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/images/script/githa.gif) gīthā: a song. The name given to a series of privately circulated esoteric papers by Hazrat Inayat Khan (which are generally given by a teacher when the student is ready)

The nature of the mind is such that it creates a thought and throws it over for another thought to take its place. This being the nature of the mind, it makes it difficult for one to concentrate upon one object steadily. The mind of an average person may be pictured as an unruly horse that jumps and kicks and throws anyone that tries to ride it. Masters of the world are those who have mastered themselves, and mastery lies in the control of the mind. If the mind became your obedient servant, the whole world is at your service. The king of mind is greater than the king of a nation.

   ~~~ "Githa II, 'Amaliyyat 1", by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)