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Title: Family
Post by: tides2dust on Sep 27, 2018 06:53 am
The pictures at the top of this forum were taken during my cousins wedding in Ocean City Maryland.
Though I don't post my spiritual journey's lately, except for a couple entries of my visits to the masters- the essence of pilgrimage lives on where every day is a new adventure. Family visits too allow for gratitude, sacrifice, love and miracles. Relationships are important, peace in the house is a wonderful opportunity to be had and can be from the result of seva which family allows us to practice. One typically expands their seva to include friends and sometimes strangers if the attitude is right. The house hold and karmic ties with all of its peace and chaos, this untangling process is very special to me. In this last trip it was the wedding and the celebrating with family our numerous festivities where growth and miracles occurred. Spending time together cut into my reading, exercise, fasting and meditation(the me time my soul longs for) but it was more important to spend the opportunity renewing a loving connection and having everyone reside there as often as possible. For me, it's okay to break away from the disciplined routine once in a while as long as one maintains the golden rule of respecting others- really strive to maintain awareness, which can prove difficult if one gets carried away with self-indulgence. I was surprised by all this trip had to offer and even then, there were still moments to practice shorter meditations. Meditation will always prove valuable, no matter where you are in the world.

On the topic of family and meditation, I am noticing too that meditation allows for new paradigms- then they said these words today during Lahiri Mahasaya's celebration,
"The unconquerable, unchangeable, ever-new bliss... (of silence)."
No doubt the mind effects our physical health and meditation allows us to tap into realms of possibility- delta and theta brainwaves. The brain releases chemicals when we fall in love same when we are in fear. Though I've had the increased desire to seek no mind and prepare for departure from the physical body- I am also experiencing the desire to find ways to access love daily and the recognition that we are all brothers and sisters- Gods creation. In this sense, I am seeking god in meditation and in any moment. Combining desires is dissolving the self and pleasing others, in stillness and love- in service for my family which is the only way I know to please God. Pleasing God thins the veil, the artist appreciates the sincerity. Learning to recognize whispers from eternity, divine connections inspires and fills one with the greatest Love! This is promoting our health and the health of others. We're all Family- practice Seva with family to appreciate God- this will transform your life.

Title: Missed Opportunity, Feeling of Failure
Post by: tides2dust on Jan 05, 2019 10:16 pm
What happens when we have the knowledge but do not apply it? I was given an opportunity to be a real peace maker in the family today and instead added fuel to the fire. I am completely responsible, I have apologized to my family and hugged it out but the feeling of failing my family isn't gone. I would say this was a test and I saw an opportunity to transcend outdated behavior on a larger scale, what happens when we deliberately fail God?
Knowledge vs Understanding
Knowing the right thing vs Doing the right thing
Do the right thing, don't wait.
I hope this pain continues to sting me, I pray to God for forgiveness and for more opportunity. I've lost loves because of my ignorance.
We may gather a wealth of knowledge and in our solitude feel immensely connected to Love but if we can't respond appropriately around our Family then perhaps we aren't as close to the realization or the experience as we once thought. For this reason, I don't think it's necessary to isolate ourselves from the world. It's most important to learn to be in the world and maintain a God realization. It's important to give to others this desire, let your yearning to be with God be felt by those in your company. In this case, my desires were shut down and distracted as I was more engaged in a game of chess vs being there for my Family. Winning the game did not feel good at all.