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Title: A mystery dream
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Nov 02, 2018 01:49 pm
Had a dream last nite that seemed quite long. It was almost like I was reading a book. I was part of the book though and remember a man helping me keep in touch with him by giving me a walky talky so we could both keep in touch with one another from a distance. Although the connection we had was not real good I was able to see where he was at from a distance, as if it was satellite communication. It seems that it was rather important because people otherwise may disappear where I appeared to be working. It was important to know why and where they people were had disappeared.

Soon I found myself talking with other people and we were talking about the disappearance of someone. It was as if I was reading a novel because someone else I was talking to had also read it but she told me that the man that disappeared had accidentally killed someone while working on a battery and spilling acid on another person and that person was accidentally killed.This story led me to wonder how much it coincided or was influenced by my recent readings of the death of  Jamal Khashoggia; a journalist here in the United States.