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Title: Meditation and nature
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Dec 02, 2018 03:19 pm
Amma talked about the relationship between nature and meditation. She said that Channing a mantra will really help nature. Chanting a mantra with concentration will change nature. Things are in chaos now and confusion. Nature has stopped favoring human beings. We will only be shaved if we change. As a group  chanting and prayer is very important. We can have 10 times the power that we have alone. Satsang is very important and chanting. The power of the mantra becomes stronger with others. You can do it at home but it does not have the same power as with others. However it is always possible to practice Japa regardless of time place or circumstances.

Title: Re: Meditation and nature
Post by: tides2dust on Dec 05, 2018 06:23 am
Hi Steve!
Did Amma say those words, that nature has stopped favoring human beings? Or is this how you feel after listening to Amma speak?
Often in yoga the class chants OM together and it is quite beautiful, the space takes an interesting shift in energy.