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Title: another baby in my dream (?)
Post by: tides2dust on Feb 07, 2019 04:46 am
this time i was visiting a mountain with a friend. we were up to at least 1,600 feet where there was a rest spot with a man made structure to look out of. i remember the elevation starting to get to us in the dream. as i was looking out a baby appeared on the ground next to me with olive skin. this baby was beautiful and i began to cry and we embraced. suddenly a force grabbed me by my throat and pulled me out of the observation. the man that grabbed my throat was like a worker at an amusement park who fastens you in for the roller coaster. we argued, he yelled at me and said god would be ashamed. i replied he would, referencing his behavior. there were some other more obvious ego related images in the dream but this one is the more impressionable. moreso, the awe and gratitude i felt when the image of this beautiful baby hugged me and the energy it imprinted along my spine carried through out the day.