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Title: How Did the Master Awaken?
Post by: kingfisher111 on Mar 31, 2019 12:09 am
From the book I Am That:

Q: You had to make your mind clear and quiet before you could realize the truth. How did you do it?
M: I did nothing.  It just happened.  I lived my life, attending to my family's needs.  Nor did my guru do it.  It just happened as he said it would.
Q: Things do not just happen.  There must be a cause for everything.
M: All that happens is the cause of all that happens.  Causes are numberless; the idea of a sole cause is an illusion.
Q: You must have been doing something specific -- some meditation or yoga.  How can you say that realization will happen on its own?
M: Nothing specific.  I just lived my life.
Q: I am amazed!
M: So was I.  But what was there to be amazed at?  My teacher's words came true.  So what?  He knew me better than I knew myself, that is all.  Why search for causes?  In the very beginning I was giving some attention and time to the sense "I am," but only in the beginning.  Soon after my guru died, I lived on.  His words proved to be true.  That is all.  It is all one process.  You tend to separate things in time and then look for causes.
Q: What is your work now?  What are you doing?
M: You imagine being and doing as identical.  It is not so.  The mind and the body move and change and cause other minds and bodies to move and change and that is called doing or action.  I see that it is in the nature of action to create further action, like fire that continues by burning.  I neither act nor cause others to act; I am timelessly aware of what is going on.