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Title: Rikki’s chart
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 19, 2019 01:16 am
Open this thread. I put together her chart but cannot attest to the validity of it because I do not know where she was born. What I find particularly interesting is the large triangle in dotted green. You will also see that Saturn is moving at the very bottom of the circle at 14 degrees. Saturn is now at a point very close to her natal Saturn. Saturn looks like this; look at the pictures below. The emblem looking like a modified h is Saturn.

Rikki is having an important time of change in her life. For now she is feeling that it is now or never and the urge to make a serious transition in her life is with her. This is because she is having a Saturn Return. Which happens every 28 to 30 years in a persons life. But she is encountering the most serious one because it is her first Saturn Return.

Title: Re: Rikki’s chart
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Aug 19, 2019 01:42 am
Since Saturn is triggering this large triangle-which is called- the finger of fate, it is causing some fateful events and changes in her life. If she decides to tell us which city she was born in, I can also say where those changes in her life will occur.

Pictured below is a yod or finger of fate triangle. Both Eric and Rikki have this yod activated in their lives this year.... and were born with this in their whole life. It means that many things happen in their lives that they feel little control over and they have to adjust to these somewhat awkward events that happen. Not good or bad just fateful! Fateful because despite the difficulties involved in harmonizing awkward energies there is the opportunity for breakthroughs in life changes and events.