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Title: Devotion
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jan 07, 2010 08:18 am
Blue Nova Thanks You for sharing your intimate devotion with the divine it inspires us in our journey..


restless mind....

i try to reach God....sometimes it is hard to hear Him/Her through the dins of life.

what i do in this case....silent chant.....or silent conversations...or use imagination as fuel, hold my arms out for Hug from God.

an example(s) of what i might say to our All Loving Parent....a simple "i love you",,,over and over.  or " i want to see what you do, i want to hear what you do, i want to think as you think...i want to be just like you ".   this...creates love in the heart....

what parent...can resist their child coming to them with arms held out wanting love from parent ??

 :) :) ;)

love & (((Hugs)))
blue nova

When i read this i thought to myself: i have imagined hugging and being intimate with others why not God?


_/\_ Steve  :)

His Hugs......sometimes, He holds on with a 'bear-like grip "   :) 

sometimes, He hesitates to let go.....just as i hesitate to let Him go ...when it comes 'time to part'....

altho...we never truly seperate....

as we 'part'....His Love holds on.....and i take that with me....

Love and (((Hugs)))

i think that is what keeps up the enthusiasm on the path; that love that holds on that we have experienced.

Title: Re: Devotion
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Nov 01, 2015 08:12 am
Brother Turiyanada on LOVE AND DEVOTION

 One of our greatest failings is not knowing how much God loves us.
 We have to become like the naughty child who held his mother's arms so that she couldn't spank him. We have to do this with Divine Mother.
 It is not that we develop devotion; it is that we become receptive to the inflow of God to us.
 When you give all personal emotion to God and your love becomes unconditional, God will come.
 We all suffer from loneliness. Brother said he was crying in his room and opened Imitations of Christ and read a passage that said, "My son, why       do you wait so long to come to Me?" Brother said he cried even more.
 Think of God's love coming to us through the stars, the earth and nature of all kinds.
 You should only be concerned about feeling the love of God and surrender.
 If you feel God's love from time to time, you've got it! Nothing else matters.) The moment you become possessive with your love from God, then you  lose Him.
 When man begins to worship the Divine Mother, he will begin to respect women. He will then become a better person.
11) Stop 50 times a day and say, "My Lord, I have not forgotten You".