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Title: Sri Yukteswar
Post by: Steve Hydonus on May 24, 2010 01:25 am
Reading the Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar (Autobiography of a Yogi) is and has been one of the most pivotal points in my life. Because it really gave me a sense of the placement of us in the grand scheme of things. i became much more aware of what exists in the many dimensions that God created. Then after reading 'The Holy Science' i became much more aware of our limited awareness here in this material existence.

So it was with pleasure that Namaste2All told me he was reading the Holy Science and some of his reflections on that work of Divine genius. i just hope others have something to contribute to this little entry on a great soul. After reading our placement in the grand scheme of things one begins to recognize that we have many preconceived illusions. Just being in these bodies should help us recognize that we are full of desires and illusions and it is by grace that we have these saints and avatars to help us overcome our limitations. i hope to get some feedback from others about this great avatar that graced our earth over 100 hundred years ago.

As Sri Yukteswar has told us: We have withdrawn the sheaths that consisted of the animal and the plant kingdoms in which we were able to manifest action (plant) and enjoyment (animal) these  kingdoms are unique from the mineral kingdom. But in man we are able to manifest the power of determining right from wrong and thus we we have the capacity to be rational beings and can question our own existence. Now we look forward in our onward paths towards the infinite:

'When man cultivating the Divine Spirit or omniscient Love within his heart, is able to withdraw the Jnananmaya Kosha (the body of intelligence) then the innermost sheath, Chiita, the Heart (composed of four ideas), becomes manifest. Man is then called Devata or Angel in the creation.'

'This creation has no substantial existence, but is a mere play of ideas on the Eternal substance, God the Father'

The Holy Science

~Sri Yukteswar


Title: Re: Sri Yukteswar
Post by: Steve Hydonus on May 26, 2010 07:51 am
Sri Yukteswar explains that when the creation of the atom (which is the basis of this material creation) began we were influenced by maya and began to express avidya or ignorance in our actions. Yet under the influence of a calm sate of mind (chitta) we spiritualize our minds and express Buddhi or discriminative intelligence as opposed to Manas: the mind  manifesting in the repulsion from spirit and centering its interests in the enjoyment of the senses.

Yet by the ability to compare are dreams as conceptions of ideas the similarity between them and the gross ideas of the wakeful state leads one to conclude that this external world is not what it appears to be. Further reflection leads one to understand that the five senses have fooled us and this reality that we perceive in the so called waking state is also a dream.

Namaste2All was percolating when he described the manas mind. It is often hard to get a grasp on ego but this helps:

contemplative commentary - sharing only... pointing, alluding to "something" that each alone shall find... words always fall short...

Framework of commentary using Vedic metaphysical vocabulary...

The (manas) congitive mind (monkey mind),  enjoys (bhokti / bhogha)     variety.   It is healthy for devotee to provide manas an increasing framework of thoughts, concepts, inspirations that allude and point to the singular essenses.   Then as the nature of God is directly experienced, we (that which remains) may gently move the manas mind, up / deeper... and then manas has a variety of (thought pattern) frameworks from which to relate to the divine experience...  without this expansion of mind... the manas mind will be as a little hesitant, and questioning child... noisy and of tantrum...  demanding explanations... trying to put things in order and such...    it is important to consider that manas is NOT what brings clarity or the goal... rather devotee / yogi expands "mind" while viewing that manas (cognitive, monkey-mind) is NOT that which "remains"...   true understanding is beyond our normal conventions of thought... it (manas) is like the mud suspended in the shaken jar of murky water...  we must find methods to get the jar to still, to allow the manas mud to settle, such that the water is clear, and we may peer into and through it...         manas is state of "mind" that is aligned with Ego (ahamkara / the idea of seperate existence).

cultivation of (buddhi) divine intelligence (spiritualized calm state of mind) relieves the pressure / tension caused by the incessant chatter of manas (monkey mind).   it (buddhi) calms and cools the manas mind, as a benevolent caretaker, and guardian, ruler over manas.    buddhi is state of "mind" that is aligned with Chitta (spiritualized "atom" / heart) -- Note: atom in this context is not meaning atomic particle... it is more akin a metaphysical term, of the "essense stuff" of creation - see the Four Ideas - Time, Space, Atom, Word)


cautionary consideration -- This discussion of "mind" is but one vien of the necessary "expansion" that must occur to make our cup like Christ / Cosmic Consciousness (then God may flow and pour into our vessel...)   (There was a man who had great thirst, and wanted to drink the whole lake.  Yet after three glasses he was full.   We must expand our body and mind to be able to accept God.)    God is expressed in both (chit) Force and (ananda) Feeling -- even concept of buddhi must interweave among other divine aspects... for any true aspect nature is one in the same,  never standing alone / never in vacuum... we do not reach understanding of a mosiaq by staring at one spot... yet at times we must examine with detail... then relax and just let it flow...

Albert Einstein (paraphrased),  "problems may not be resolved at the same level of consciousness from which they arose".   Likewise, we as devotee / yogi are simply expanding... above is expounded / related via words a conception of a path to expanding consciousness...  above are just words... sublime action is reality... 

Krishna to Arjuna (parphrased)... Arjuna get away from the oscillations of stimulus and reaction...  sit as a prince of peace on the throne / chariot of intuition...  

in divine love we express...  victory to spirit, victory to nature, dancing together...  humbled we are, glory to God Alone...  we are naught without infinite beloved's graces flowing...   om guru, om spirit, om bliss...

Title: Understanding the Holy Science
Post by: Steve Hydonus on May 28, 2010 09:08 pm
(http://www.sacredimages-ami.com/images/yu.jpg)'So long, however, as man identifies himself with his material body and fails to find repose in his true Self, he feels his wants according as his heart's desires remain unsatisfied. To satisfy them he has to appear often in flesh and blood on the stage of life, subject to the influence of Darkness, Maya, and has to suffer all the troubles of life and death not only in the present but in the future as well.'~Sri Yukteswar

When we begin to understand our lives as only an idea 'resting on a fragment of the Aum Light'; We then begin to want to sacrifice our idea of separate existence from that great light. We want to 'abandon the idea of separate existence' and merge into the Holy Ghost. We want to experience the internal world and the love, with its attractive force, which is drawing us back to the creator and to our true home in spirit.