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Jul 17, 2018 01:21 am
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By: āya

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By: āya

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By: āya
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 on: Jul 12, 2018 05:04 am 
Started by Goldwolf - Last post by āya
While I am not yet finished with the book, and feel I must go back to particular chapters to comprehend the nature of a spiritual reality better- I have found this line by the Levitating Saint quite humorous and profoundly deep for any of those who walk the path....

“Master, you are wonderful!” A student, taking his leave, gazed ardently at the patriarchal sage. “You have renounced riches and comforts to seek God and teach us wisdom!” It was well-known that Bhaduri Mahasaya had forsaken great family wealth in his early childhood, when single-mindedly he entered the yogic path.

“You are reversing the case!” The saint’s face held a mild rebuke. “I have left a few paltry rupees, a few petty pleasures, for a cosmic empire of endless bliss. How then have I denied myself anything? I know the joy of sharing the treasure. Is that a sacrifice? The shortsighted worldly folk are verily the real renunciates! They relinquish an unparalleled divine possession for a poor handful of earthly toys!”

I am also reminded of this line from Two Penniless Boys in Brindaban where Yogananda is put to the test by his brother Ananta
"You well know, Ananta, I seek my inheritance from the Heavenly Father."
"Money first! God can come later! Who knows? Life may be too long."
"God first! money is His slave! Who can tell? Life may be too short."

....._^_ <3<3<3 Yes, this book is a blessing which I hope to keep close to my heart.

 on: Jul 11, 2018 10:21 pm 
Started by Goldwolf - Last post by āya

  Hey Steve. I thought I was so smart starting this thread but I failed to state why I like the said part in the great book. The area this part is in the Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas chapter 34, the third page close to the bottom of the page.

  Tigers howled nearby, but my heart was free from fear. I suppose that I like this part because by the grace of God I became fearless when I was eighteen I think. I had a spiritual experience before I finished reading Autobiography of a Yogi the first time I was reading it (I have total read it six times, I plan on read # 7 after I reveive Kriya initiation). Years before my spiritual experience as a young boy not even ten years old I drown and saw the other side. The good place. Because of these two blessings I became fearless, I try not to be egotistical about it.

  I found the story of how Lahiri Mahasaya met his angelic guru Babaji so majical. Even as I read AY the first time the story seemed so real. The part I mentioned was one of the parts that just stood out to me. Autobiography of a Yogi is an incredible book. I never doubted any area of the book, not even once. Every time I read AY it motivated me to start back meditating. Time and time again I let the world beat me down. I thank God that nowadays because this little frog never gave up I have, in a sense, hopped out of the pail. I am starting to see the world as a dream. Without divine assistance such as my being led to AY and to actually read it I would not have begun to see the nature of human beings as holy. True union with spirit, as Yoga is, is a path that many continue to come to because of our beloved Autobiography of a Yogi.

  Now that I think about it, this forum is for me divine assistance. There are other boards, good ones, including one that is huge, but for some reason this one for me is the most comfortable. I'll still wander the Web but this isn't a bad hang out at all. It is a church in a sense. There are certainly people who frequent this board who could make a good holy person, like a priest or priestess. We all learn from each other. Even if someone doesn't learn anything for years it helps to read from or participate with friends on the same path.

  If anyone who reads this post has not read Autobiography of a Yogi I encourage you to do so. In addition to being a spiritual journey of true greatness there is adventure as well as a little humor. Taking it one step further, if one were to read Autobiography of a Yogi and then take Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons and practice then for 100 days that person would know for certain there is a God. Very rarely in todays world can a person be offered proof of the devine power. Reading the mentioned spiritual classic is the first step. I wish you the best my friends.

9 Years later I am fond of this post and thank you for your contributions! Time is a peculiar concept. I hope we are blessed with the radiance of the gold wolf again, even if he is just peeking over the hilltop or quietly roaming these fields at night.

 on: Jul 11, 2018 10:12 pm 
Started by āya - Last post by āya
Chapter 9
The Blissful Devotee and his Cosmic Romance

"The humility of Master Mahasaya and of all other saints springs from a recognition of their total dependence (seshatva) on the Lord as the sole Life and Judge. Because the very nature of God is Bliss, the attunement with Him experiences a native boundless joy. 'The first of the passions of the soul and the will is joy.'"

 on: Jul 11, 2018 10:02 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by āya
Thank you.
Is it possible we can alleviate the burden of regret from past actions between once inharmonious relations? More so, can our prayers heal those who think ill us, when our presence is no longer welcomed?

_^_ For LOVE I Pray... May Gods Grace Heal us All

 on: Jul 11, 2018 07:49 pm 
Started by āya - Last post by āya
Maybe it's user error but I can only find the song Meet me in the next life
not the tapestry of time and space  Huh?
it's a nice song steve, meet me in the next life
love the instruments  Smiley

 on: Jul 11, 2018 07:43 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by āya
!!! Beautiful =)
I feel Amma's grace here Steve, are these her words?
After visiting Amma I've noticed a lingering energy for perhaps weeks- it was a particular detachment coupled with keen observation and an intuitive understanding to any given moment... This resulted in an unshakable peace and a fondness for the closeness of God. Even when sitting in the middle of a family arguing I felt unmoved and extremely appreciative. TY friend!!

~~~Showering us with your Blessings on this day~~~  Smiley

 on: Jul 10, 2018 04:06 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Happinesss does not rely on our life and experiences. There are two situations in life: those that can be solved and those that can not. Try to accept what cannot be changed. There is no situation worthy of your sorrows. We are the source of our happiness and sorrow.

Those who are not able to experience heaven now will not experience it anywhere else. We constantly think; “It is not this thing but that thing that will give me happiness.”  We therefore live in a maya carnival. Each day when we have anger it gives another person the power to control our mind. However, patience is a wonderful fragrance.

We need to think before every word and thought we have.

 on: Jul 08, 2018 11:25 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Imagine white flowers of peace falling all over the world. Let us imagine these flowers falling in the ocean, the lakes and the rivers. Falling upon the mountains and forests and on the birds and animals and on our own heads as well. As these pure flowers of peace fall upon us...let us experience an unfathomable peace and remain in this  silence for a while.

 on: Jul 08, 2018 11:21 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Amma makes a lot of use of visualuzation in her guided meditations.

 on: Jul 08, 2018 11:03 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
In todays world only divine grace can help us bring peace
into our hearts and our planet. Let ys try to make a difference in our prayers.

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