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The Bowl of Saki

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Author Topic: The Bowl of Saki  (Read 1513 times)
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Yet another Home Run with today's saki... I am a bit ashamed to admit this... But I have no doubt played King Fool... Maybe one too many times, I've lost friends and lovers because of it. Even today, while I try harder, I see the outcome has not been as it is desired. I can achieve, I will achieve... I have no doubt in my mind- from the sheer progress... Yet I read these teachings from Hazarat Inayat Khan and I can not help but feel I am the weakness he describes, the one whom he makes example of and it is not anything to boast about. As of late, I have realized I am guilty of Gossip- where I've been hurt and shared my experience to a third party for validation. How silly... Today's saki Inayat Khan teaches us the importance of relationships and the sacredness in each. To treat each relationship as a private affair, to hold ones tongue despite the inclination to express and to recognize that if God exist in us all then it is for that and the Hope which transcends you practice these things.

My drums have beaten so loudly lately that I believe I am the cause of the negative impressions, at least residing in them more than positive. You see I've had nothing but good things around me yet in my pursuits to excel and rapidly I've taken many steps backwards or I hold not just myself but others to perhaps unrealistic standards and create a toxic reality- one that corrodes. There's more but it isn't necessary to be so loud... I must retreat... I can't believe I've gone days without meditation... I can't believe the Saki penetrates my soul yet again- this time through my admitted faults and shortcomings... Things I still struggle with.. Yet there is always Hope... And there is a Will, with steady progression. Perhaps it is as he says, it is important to take a step back and see how Creation provides alternative perspectives... Well I am drifting, rambling and assuming my reality is of importance here yet I am inclined to sharing because these lessons are on par and perhaps those reading relate or feel their own torches lit as a result...

So, without further delay:

The secret of a friend should be kept as one's own secret; the fault of a friend one should hide as one's own fault.

     Bowl of Saki, June 4, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

A very important thing in character-building is to become conscious of one's relationship, obligation, and duty to each person in the world, and not to mix that link and connection which is established between oneself and another with a third person. One must consider that everything that is entrusted to one by any person in life is one's trust, and one must know that to prove true to the confidence of any person in the world is one's sacred obligation. In this manner a harmonious connection is established with everyone; and it is this harmony which attunes the soul to the infinite. ...

Dharma in the language of the Hindus means religion, but the literal meaning of this word is duty. It suggests that one's relation to every person in the world is one's religion; and the more conscientiously one follows it, the more keen one proves in following one's religion. To keep the secret of our friend, our acquaintance, even of someone with whom for a time one has been vexed, is the most sacred obligation. The one who thus realizes his religion would never consider it right to tell another of any harm or hurt he has received from his friend. It is in this way that self-denial is learned; not always by fasting and retiring into the wilderness. ... The one who knows what the relation of friendship is between one soul and another, the tenderness of that connection, its delicacy, its beauty, and its sacredness, that one can enjoy life in its fullness, for he is living; and in this manner he must some day communicate with God. For it is the same bridge that connects two souls in the world, which, once built, becomes the path to God.
   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/III/III_III_1.htm


A friend, in the true sense of the word, is nearer and closer than our own family, relations, neighbors, nation, and race. The secret of the friend should be kept as one's own secret: the fault of the friend one should hide as one's own fault; the honor of the friend must be considered as one's own honor; an enemy of the friend should be regarded as our enemy; a friend of the friend must be considered as our friend. One must not boast of friendship, but must practice it, for the claimants are so often false. In the despair of the friend, consolation must be given; in the poverty of the friend, support is necessary; in the shortcomings of the friend, overlooking is necessary; in the trouble of the friend, help should be given; with the joy of the friend, rejoicing is right.
   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/III/III_III_3.htm

Please read these volumes of study if you wish to dissect my babble or perhaps even more magical, gain clarity to you own affairs....

In Loving Service...

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peace ~ <3

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