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The Bowl of Saki

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By: fisherking1111

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Author Topic: The Bowl of Saki  (Read 2234 times)
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Happy 1st of April  Smiley This is a beautiful thing to wake up to... Inayat Khan says the two important things in life are praise of God and the pursuit of God. That the secret of happiness comes from continued practice in giving thanks to all the blessings we have in our life- admiring every glimpse of beauty and kindness that comes before us. If we do this we can send ourselves into a bliss that may be called the kingdom of God.


Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

"Why does God need praise from me? Who am I that I should offer Him praise?" True, we can never praise Him enough; never can our praise be sufficient, but our souls are blessed with the impression of the Glory of God whenever we praise Him. The soul could praise God every moment and yet wanting to praise Him yet more, it is constantly hungering and thirsting to find the Beauty and Perfection of God. By the praise of God the soul is filled with bliss; even to utter the name of God is a blessing that can fill the soul with light, joy and happiness as nothing else can do.

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/archives/prayer.htm

There is a necessity for praise in prayer, praise of the beauty of God, for man must learn to recognize and praise the beauty of God as manifested in all His creation. In this way he impresses beauty on his soul, and he is able to manifest it in himself, and he becomes the friend of all and is without prejudice. For this reason the Sufi cultivates his heart. The emblem of the Sufi is a heart between two wings, meaning that when the heart is cultivated man can soar up into the heights of heaven.

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/V/V_34.htm

The only secret of attaining happiness is to learn how to appreciate our privileges in life. If we cultivate that sense of appreciation we shall be thankful, we shall be contented and every moment we shall offer our thanks to God, for His gifts are many and enormous. When we do not see them it is because our wants cover our eyes from seeing all with which we are blessed by Providence. No meditation, no study, nothing can help in that direction, except one thing, and that is to keep our eyes open to appreciate every little privilege in life, to admire every glimpse of beauty that comes before us, being thankful for every little love, kindness or affection shown to us by young or old, rich or poor, wise or foolish. In this way, continually developing the faculty of appreciating life and devoting it to thanksgiving, we arrive at a bliss which no words can explain, a bliss which is beyond imagination: the bliss that we find ourselves having already entered the kingdom of God.

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/VIII/VIII_2_39.htm

The two important things in life are the praise of God and the pursuit of God. The praise of God is important, and it gives bliss in life, but it is not the real attainment. The all-important work in life is the attainment of God. God cannot be explained. Any attempt to do this always ends in failure. The knowledge of Him can only be attained in the silence and in solitude, and how to do this cannot be explained better than in the words of the Urdu poet Zahir, 'He who attaineth best the peace of God, his very self must lose.'

   from  https://wahiduddin.net/mv2/V/V_38.htm

   ~~~ When one praises the beauty of God, one's soul is filled with bliss.
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peace ~ <3

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