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Bliss Consciousness

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Author Topic: Bliss Consciousness  (Read 195 times)
Beatrice Landcaster
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« Reply #15 on: Jan 29, 2011 11:08 pm »

hhmmm...if we were to look at the journey back unto god again ...as learning to fly or become pilot....

there are many gadgets in that cockpit....gauges....to help guide us.

amongst them....i am sure there is a gauge which is labeled 'emotions'. each gauge is labled...like, jealously, greed, ...etc....all with 0-10 on them.

0=lowest 10=highest.  each day...we should take reading of them.  morning and evening.  just like the meter reader,,,,from electric company......except they do it once a month, which is fine, but i would rather know every day.

just like the electric bill....we desire the emotional gauge to reach 0.... Cheesy

once the gauge reaches or lowers itselfs towards 0...anxieties lessen, pressure release themselves....dont gotta be in a rush in everything we do....dont need all the extra material stuff so much anymore....

when we start to reach 0....we are closer to god.....god is farthest from physical....so the physical world an all of its, um, illusions...will start to fade.

so...in my opinion...the emotional gauge is good. illusion is good....or was created for the positive, betterment of us souls....it is teacher...or pilots/souls tool for flight...

a souls perception...is that of gods...positive....in all ways all the time.  no matter what comes.

if our perception is otherwise....we are not perceiving as soul.  we are souls first...bodies second.

as souls incarnated time and time again...we are used to perceiving life thru body.  wake up....is when soul starts perceiving as soul again...takes itself out of body perception.

these gauges...help guide us in this journey....

this journey is not an easy one.  i mean,,,my goodness....to acheive heaven on earth...what soul does not crave this ? ! ?

seems like a fairy tale, does it not ?  or too good to be true ?

seeing the positive side of life.....positive in death...positive during suffering times.....

too good to be true ?  i said to myself one day...i deserve such a thing...and i am making it happen....

this is part of the reason i post what it is i do....seems like gibberish to some, to others...it makes sense....

i am journaling my journey.... Cheesy  because one day....others may find themselves in 'predicaments' such as mine....

i do not write these things for pity.....i write them for others to learn from...

yep..may seem a bit repititious....or like a broken record.  that is the way Lesons are put before us.....if we do not get it right then it will come again and again...u know, karma.....come and come again until we learn....

two other gauges i would like to mention.....the volume buttons....one for life and one for god or ((aum))....

turn the life button to 0 and the god((aum)) to 10.


Ya' al know I don't get it. Ya just sit here and smoke the corn silk. Forget all the gadgets Little Twitter. Join me at the corn husking celebration next summer get a little of that fancy ale. You and me could go far Little Twitter. Don't sell your soul to all those modern convenient do hickies. Bring your barn animals and you might win a prize at the Corn Husking Fair. I know you been given them that sweet emotion; The love bug.

     Beatrice Landcaster


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