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Body Consciousness

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Author Topic: Body Consciousness  (Read 41 times)
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« on: Dec 16, 2011 12:15 am »

Mine is in the center of my head (behind my eyes) also. (Usually). But I do think this is habit and maybe a preference...but I can tell you that the times when my sense of self was "everywhere" with no specific location in the body, that was the best feeling of all. Also, I have felt the sense of self in the heart center at times...I actually do think it's a matter of which energy center is being focused on strongly (focus type). Mine is political.
My sense of self-ness changes and moves around depending on my state of consciousness and also maybe preferences or cultural conditioning.
I do think it is a matter of where one holds their attention the most strongly (habitually) and of course, this can be changed, so the sense of "identity" and self do change.

I have read accounts of some people who have had instantaneous awakenings where they seemed to then experience their sense of "self" not being in the body anymore--it was as if they were located a few feet behind the body, watching it and everything else that happened, and feeling that they were not authoring their experience or Doing anything but just watching everything happen, including what the body did. I do not think that this is the "ultimate" state or anything but it's one kind of experience that some people have (and for them it lasted)....it's fascinating to me. When I'm in the "watcher" state, I'm still merged with my body and watching it and everything from everywhere inside it, every cell and all of the senses and all of the spaces are located in the space of myself...I'm not somewhere behind the body--but that is one of the interesting possibilities, I guess!

Lastly...in the nondual Dzogchen and Advaita practices (and I'm sure you are aware of these ideas) there is the teaching that the Essence of who you really are does not change...always exists...and can be experienced but not in the ordinary way that things are experienced. This is not what I was talking about above (which is changeable.) This Essence IS everywhere and is not limited to the body. Actually the body-consciousness exists WITHIN this Essence-Space, not the Essence or Self existing in the body. I think what I was talking about above is more of a "cultural" sense of self that is based on being this body and it's perceptions and the reality that it creates...which interacts with other bodies....but the Essence self is actually everywhere and includes all--the whole universe and more--that is created by each of us as Essence.

i think our consciousness constantly changes in its locations. You call it essence. i have felt my consciousness in others as well. Felt their grief their sickness, their restlessness, their anger, their pain and their love and joy. Consciousness is a strange thing. It is not always as simple as it seems. One person can have sensual sensations in their body while meditating yet have love in their heart while engaging in the act of making love. We r much more aware of our bodies and their language when we get in touch with our soul. Yet we distance ourselves from body consciousness when we make initial contacts with our essence.

i like your description of the 'watcher state' It appeals to me as i have watched myself in that way. Watched the energy flow in my body and have been aware that people who profess one way r actually sending mixed messages to me. Which can b very confusing to the consciousness and the contacts we have with others. Most of us here r all working toward being spiritual magnets. Yet we must still acknowledge that we have very human feelings and sensations in the body and in our reactions to others. It is best to b honest about this and work with the energies in the best way we can in our present state of evolving consciousness.

i would add to your instantaneous awakenings, experiences that people have that involve the body and r combined with spiritual experiences. For instance fluctuations of the heart coupled with spiritual awareness or kundalini experiences coupled with euphoric states or opening of the heart coupled with tears of joy.


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