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Developing relationships with others.

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Author Topic: Developing relationships with others.  (Read 336 times)
Little Hoot
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« Reply #30 on: Jan 30, 2016 07:10 am »

i am starting to remember the chants i used to sing at SRF. It would b nice to be round other SRFers to sing them. Some of them r very visual in nature. But often spiritual songs of my own seem to pop up in my head so they r part of my consciousness always. No doubt my desires will manifest as they do seem to quite often. God seems to spare me those that r not so good. That is what i have found. There is divine protection. It surrounds us. Ask for divine protection dear friend. God will protect u from forces that have disturbed you. They will mysteriously b taken out of your life.

Others may need your help for a time. Today i was in a restaurant and a waitress told me 'i am so glad i met you!' i am glad i met her also. She was receptive to my spirit. If others r not u may just let them go. Sometimes u just have to b honest with others. They may not like what they hear. But it will take away the fear of new people coming in your life. Life moves on. It brings to us people and circumstances. Everything that comes to you comes from the Masters. Embrace it and see it as from God. There is no need to fear life. Everything is for a purpose. Even those things that have been very difficult. Somewhere some how we have created them. But as Babaji has told us... just a little bit of practice of Kriya will spare us from 'dire suffering and colossal fear.'  All is well. There is so much beauty and wonder around us that is entering our life daily but we ourselves often shut it out with our own preconceived ideas, notions and social conditioning. i have no idea sometimes why these words come to my mind. They come from some where else at times. They are just as much for me as u or anyone else that may b listening.

There are people who r dangerous and treacherous. It is a mistake to think that the intentions of everyone that comes in our lives is good. But to always b on guard is to forfeit the blessings that come into our lives. Listen to the kindness offered by others and ignore the hell that some have created for themselves. If they truly want your help.... U may have to help from a distance. But some of them will want something you cannot give them. If you tell them that and they still can't accept it you will have to let them go and tell them they must go until they  have genuinely changed their attitude or perhaps u yourself have found that yours also needed changing. If you find yourself around people who mistrust you and your intentions; It is often because you yourself mistrust the intentions of others. If you cannot trust the intentions of those around you it is often because you cannot trust your own intentions.

Thank you for the thoughtful reply, Steve.  I think you have spoken wisely, and I appreciate it - it isn't just coming from you, either, though you are surely one of the messengers.  Spirit is speaking too.  Have you ever read the book Hinds Feet on High Places?  It is a beautiful story about transformation.  The main character is a crippled young girl named Much Afraid who follows the Good Shepherd to the High Places though her foot is clubbed and the journey is steep.  Everyone has challenges to overcome.  I am passing through a deeply reflective and emotional glen on my way to the mountain at this time.  I cannot emphasize enough the depth of this phase, most of it inwardly driven as it needs to be.  You must not read too much into anything I say or don't say at this time, because it is transitional and I am so deeply focussed on what is brewing inside - processing - that all else barely registers.  A butterfly in its cocoon is not aware of the sun that shines on it, yet it unfurls its wings and flies in its own time - once that old shell is no longer useful.  

I think you are a good person.  Have never said otherwise.  Sharing fear is part of the new me opening up.  In general, I only share the good and strong parts.  But that has not served me very well in the past.  As you know, everyone needs their own time for comprehension.  You cannot just tell someone something.  They have to live it or observe it for themselves. My sharing with you the inner wondering of wether or not you are a 'nut' is not meant to be derogatory or mean.  It is respect, the puppy showing its under belly, a person being honest about where they are at.  If I did not care or question at all, I would not come here.  So!  That said, let us lighten up, okay?  If you are already light - super!  I am a little heavy sometimes.  You know my chart. Bless you and your owls, and your music.  I am off to tuck the kids in bed. Peace -

i will come by to sing the children a lovely lullaby. We are all very grateful to have you with us Ms. Shannon Leigh. If little hoot seems to be doing acrobats on your porch it is only the yoga postures i learned from Grandpa - i don't give a - hoot.
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