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Author Topic: Healing  (Read 86 times)
« on: May 29, 2012 02:05 pm »

I just read about Comets shoulder in the prayer section.
 I remember when I had a bad kneee and people were praying for me.
 it was  eventually healed but I had several setbacks until
 I learned several things from this incident. it is surprising at how many things we can learn from suffering. it is not my first choice but very rarely do we have a choice how we learn lessons.
 at least in meditation we can learn lessons consciously without having
them happen unconsciously thru  physical symptoms and events.

Sorry for the delay in response Steve just in too much pain to sit at the pc for long periods of time! I am happy that your knee is healed that sounded like a tough situation to go through!! I can relate on the setbacks!! I been doing a lot of soul searching and learned a lot of tough lessons and a friend did tell me that 2012 is a year of repeated lessons that is so true on all levels lol!! It is amazing how much you can learn from suffering and sitting in silence and reflecting!! We do have choices and options!!
anyhow it became more clear to me that prayer alone was not going to cure me.
 I was being slowed down by a  sequence of events as I have been in posting about this.
 my long winded post just disappeared. so I am trying 1 more time to get it clear from spirit.
 sometimes things just seem to flow thru me it doesn't seem like
steve is there any more but Jitendra takes over. I look back and say could I have said all that?
 maybe so. but I think sometimes we overestimate our own abilities and underestimate the abilities provided from spirit.
The Universe has a way of slowing us down i was slowed down last year and i am understanding my situation better and reasons why and i am stronger emotionally cause of it! Once we are aware of the situation and options you just start to relax and learn to go with the flow! I agree i know i overestimate my abilities and i over think things at times! The huge thing i learned these past couple years is i am living in the moment and that is the most amazing feeling there is!! I don't take anything or anyone for granted anymore!!
getting back to healing: we also need to have a change of consciousness. events and circumstances are provided for us to make this possible. we are slowed down in life by circumstances people and situations. these events happen to show us how we can get back in balance. something is missing in our awareness. we are not receptive for 1 reason or another. yet  spirit is trying to speak to us thru circumstances other people and illness to help us raise our consciousness to a higher level.

That is so true Sometimes life gets in the way of other things i used to have a set schedule do everything a certain way till the surgery last year i learned to focus on myself more and others less and make time for things that are important i started hanging around family more and seeing old friends enjoying the simple things in life!! We gotta have that balance too!! Self awareness is awesome!
I have been around many people who are suffering in illness or making a transition in their life.
 we all have a purpose in life. it is for us to find that purpose. I know 1 auther who
 became an author because of being in the hospital for 6 months. when I had a bad knee I learned much about slowing down compassion and experiencing every moment of my life.
now when I have some free time, which seems like hardly ever, I spend it in meditation and
reading the self realization fellowship lessons which have helped me immensely in my spiritual growth. quite often if I do not think I have the time I am slowed down to show myself that I need to make time for these things.

I have been around people who suffer a lot too and i also hang around healers and psychics! I too started writing affirmations and poetry most is channeled! I also took time to write my life history it helped to release the past i never published it though lol! I didn't realize you were in the hospital for 6 months sorry to hear that! I too have more compassion and others do suffer more than me and i am happy it's my left shoulder and not my right i know i was slowed down cause i pushed too hard in a physical job for 21 years! You gotta make time for yourself do the things you want to do i tried breaking free from people just to have this quiet time some didn't like it infact my cousin hated me for it but i am happier without all that drama any amount of stress causes my shoulder pain so i need strict rest and they just gotta accept this!! lol
my relationship too Comet seems unusual to me in the sense that I seem to be getting closer to her in her illness than we have ever been before. I am also finding out what kind of support she gives to friends in times of need. there is no such formula for healing friendship and spiritual growth in this life. we must be creatively open to all circumstances and events for our ultimate unfolding.
Thanks for the kind words Steve your one of my oldest friends online and glad your starting to understand me better! I am a very private person and just now starting to open up more!! It's true what they say everything happens for a reason and i am a better person because of the evens and situations that happened  in my life! It is starting to show me who my real friends are too!! So it's all good!!!  Grin
my prayers go out to Comet for her unfolding as she goes thru the circumstances
 and trials in her life. my hope is that like my illness she will find some purpose in all this.


Thanks for the continued prayers and support!! I have already found the reasons and purpose in this!! Took some major soul searching but emotional freedom is a beautiful feeling!! I'm the happiest i ever been!!!  Smiley Having a positive attitude is the key!!!  Grin
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