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How do we bring God into our lives?

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Author Topic: How do we bring God into our lives?  (Read 29 times)
Steve Hydonus
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« on: Sep 30, 2012 01:29 pm »

Some people believe that God made us and then left us so there is very little incentive to search/find God.  Yet God is sat chit ananda. That is: Existing ever new bliss. We thrive for interaction with others. This is a natural aspect of our comradery with others. God has given us the same quality that he wants to have with us.

1. If we think about it; if we focus we find a way to get what we want. How do we bring something in our lives? We think about it. Perhaps we want to see a movie or want a new electronical device. We use our will power to bring that object to us. In the same way; if we want to bring God into our lives we have to constantly use our will.

2. To bring God into our lives we have to think about him. Desires will always be there. There can be desires that take us towards God or away from him.

3. Talk to him as if he is our dearest friend on earth. Act as though he is our cosmic companion. Which is indeed true.

A boy was interviewed by a deacon to be a member of a church and was asked how he came to want to be a member. He said that he did the sinning and God did the chasing. Many of us get 'run down' by God.

When our mind is attuned to the infinite. There are no limitations. Why do we do wrong things? It is because God made the arrangement of Maya very interesting in this creation. Gods' delusion is so strong that his world is more enticing than he (God) himself. We can blame God for this. We are quite justified because he made this creation but it will not help us. We are still responsible for our actions and there are karmic laws.

We can say I have done these things and now it is my karma. However God did not want us to be idiots and to think of ourselves as sinners will paralyze our will. We should not continue to go on with this 'sin'. It is not our karma to be identified with it. We have the power to change. There are some things we cannot change. Those things we must accept with equanimity.

Our challenges our given to us for a reason; so we can get out of the well of delusion. Instead of engaging in self-delusion we should use our will to get out.
God gave us challenges to gain wisdom and to get out of this delusion.

We identify with our bodies and our ego. If we bring God and Divine Mother into our lives, life can be wonderful. Sex, fame and money eventually lead to disappointment. God fills us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Meditate in the morning and at nite. Meditation gives us the the experience of peace, joy, love and God. Because the consciousness 'leaks out' during the day we should practice the presence of God during the day. Those who meditate in the morning and evening and do not think of God during the day will only keep their consciousness at a certain level. Instead of brushing our teeth absentmindedly; why not think of God? God is not concerned with what we do but our attitude towards what we do.

We always feel a necessity to eat and sleep so why can't we also find time for meditation? If we look carefully at our lives we will find that we spend time in useless and even distructive activity. When we do our duties with the onsciousness of God we will be more efficient. Eventually no matter what we do God will be in our consciousness. From the habit of constantly whispering to him; he will be our constant companion in our joys, sorrows and aspirations.

The great sage Kabir was walking and saw a man laying in the field. He asked him: "Why don't you meditate?" "Oh no he said; I have children I have to take care of. I will not be able to till they are married. They are presently my responsibiity." Much later he walked by the same area and asked the same question of the man and he said: " Oh no I have grandchildren. They are careless. If I do not watch them they will lose their way." Kabir saw that the man was very attracted to cows and his life had been wasted. So next life he became a cow and was forced to work on an oil press. Then he worked in the ploughing fields finally he was butchered and his skin was used for the head of a drum and so he got a beating. In the same way we must watch that we do not get a beating from the world if we do not meditate.

Brother Jitananda
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