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Author Topic: Samadhi  (Read 20 times)
Steve Hydonus
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Intereststs; Meditation/Spiritual Life

« on: Apr 04, 2014 12:01 am »

Thanks for sharing Scott. Just being absorbed in the words puts me in a state of receptivity to a deeper state of consciousness.

Quote from: namaste2All link=topic=93.msg15562#msg15562
the great equalizer is that we are all children in the same family, and equally loved by our Parent (God)... ?
smiles and love

the thing that is often confused with this word "Samadhi"...
it means "communion" or "a flow of unity"...

A great rishi (seer) called Patanjali that lived long ago,
set out to explain the levels an aspiring yogi may observe...

the interesting thing is that we can reach a 'samadhi' that is of the same substance as the great ones in some senses,
it is just that we do not expand to the same degree or we are not yet able to drink as deep...

Patanjali says we first experience "With Difference" Samadhi (communions)...
meaning that we get a little dip of that unity,
and Patanjali says that we are gifted an 'impression' of that experience to bring back into our everyday "human doing" state...
Patanjali states that as we persist, the dips into that divine stream ocean, may be deeper, and may come more and more often,
and that the "impresssions" build up to build a truer reflection in our moments...

eventually, the moments we spend in the Divine ocean / stream unity communion increases,
and the moments experiencing seperation recede...

utlimately, there is none but unity communion all the time....  (this is the highest form of samadhi -- "Undivided"  Nirvikalpa Samadhi).

Consider this little story to help consider...

Between the swelling tops of two waves,
there is formed a low belly that touches the surface of the ocean...

consider that when we are in that belly between the waves,
that we are for a bit emersed and one with the Ocean ? ! ! !
(cool huh !)

Well, the coolest thing is...
when we are there in unity with the ocean,
it does not matter whether for seconds or minutes, or hours...
because that unity is beyond any constructs...
beyond time,
beyond space...

it is so utterly majestic and pure, and like being in such comfort and ease, yet vibrant and lovely...

so when you walk in the woods and become stilled a bit,
and a peace comes over...
guess what ... that's an example in some ways, of how we settle down between the waves dancing and playing out the storm of human life,...
and as we still, we settle into that belly between the waves,
and we get a little glimpse of something that seems so comforting...
we dip a little in that ocean...

so do those things that help get settled off from riding the wave, ...
little by little it builds (as Patanjali says)...

so far, I've observed what Patanjali says to be true in my observations...
and yes, I want to be there in unity more and more... smiles

the samadhi is like a sunset,
we experience with all our senses, the smell, the wind, the colors, the moment itself,...
and if we have a camera, we can take a photo and look at it later (this is like the impression we are graced)...
and even show it to others sometimes, and they may see it's pretty,
but for the one that was there and took the photo...
it transports us to the sunset moment...

so relax, still, dive a little...
enjoy a 'communion'...


Cheers !

Shanti OM
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