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When Peace Calmness and Equinimity turn into action.

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Author Topic: When Peace Calmness and Equinimity turn into action.  (Read 28 times)
Steve Hydonus
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Intereststs; Meditation/Spiritual Life

« on: May 21, 2016 06:26 am »

i wonder how many of u have gotten to the point or beyond the point in your spiritual unfoldment where u no longer get angry or upset but u don't always act in a way that causes positive outcomes in your environment and among others. By this i mean that after years of meditation you begin to see everything around you as an unfolding drama or play that you are watching like a film. Yet there r moments in which you are called on to act in ways that demand a lot of discrimination and insight to act correctly. Positive results r not always forthcoming. Is it possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one? To make sourpusses into happy people, to gain wisdom and turn a difficult circumstance into a laughing matter? To make light of what otherwise would b a deteriorating circumstance? Or would we fail at such attempts and make things even worst by acting? Ofcourse we wouldn't fail bur we often have to learn over and over till we get it rite.

i remember Brother Turiyanada telling me once in my early 20's that i should b careful because he had seen looks like that on convicts. This was when i was in a rather dark mood. It lightened me up and made me laugh. It took the dark mood away. But would this work with everyone or would someone else take it personally?

Do you remember Brother Turiyananda? Did you ever meet him?

I met him once at the Lake Shrine. It was not an inspiring meeting, rather a strange one. I asked if I could take a swim in the lake since I believed I remember there was a special blessing attached to it. He answered NO and gave further explanations in a preaching-like tone. At the moment he seemed to me curmudgeon-like. He was looking at me as if I told some blasphemy. After a while I recalled the blessing was simply attached to being in that place.

i'm sorry mccoy but this made me laugh. But like you he had a very different sense of humor. This may strike u as unusual but there were actually women that dressed in their bathing suits and layed near the lake out in the sun. There were also people who would come there and teach classes on the lawn. Now if people swam there and people were laying in small bathing suits in the sun and others were teaching classes... well the place would be quite different.

My first meeting with him was somewhat like yours. Perhaps i have already shared it. i had just gone thru a challenging relationship at the time and sought some relief from it. i was walking around the Lake Shrine and met Brother Turiyananda. He told me at first meeting that i should be careful because he had seen looks like that on convicts. i broke up laughing and the spell was broken. He would use unusual shock therapy on people.

He asked me if i wanted to visit his room. i replied "Yes" He took me to the top of the windmill chapel and opened a door that exposed a room with nothing in it save a mat on the floor and a picture on the wall. i was immediately drawn to the picture because of the Gestapo medallion under the mans' neck. The man was a Nazi i thought and asked him about the picture. "That is Rommel. He might have fought for the wrong cause but he FOUGHT" Brother Turiyananda explained with a special emphasis on fought as though it was a spiritual strength.

Bother Turiynanada seems to b implying that regardless of who or what he was fighting for he found a positive quality to model himself from. People react very differently to what is being said and who and why they are saying it. It is often quite a risk to say something to someone that can be construed as a negative remark.
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2016 08:40 pm »

when i used to meditate regularly my friends would comment on the few occasions we'd hang out that i could take their current situation and turn it into light.

my personality is a bit different now, especially because of circumstance and environment. less meditation. less exercise. more financial responsibility. time management you say? i know.  Grin

i do feel at times life is a show and i'm able to watch others express anger around me with little to no offense taken. lately, a few strangers have been blatantly rude to me(in passing). because it's in passing i try to remember their attitude is not something i want so, i am able to detach a little easier. it isn't always easy though. the first rude experience i had recently w/ someone was my own fault(alcohol. not everyone wants to be in the happy go lucky mood it seems =P) and so my comment is, i don't think i'm at that point where i'm beyond what seems like the human condition but have been graced by the awareness you describe from time to time.
i only hope i'm learning from all this lol

the other day i was stopped at a red light and noticed the person behind me get out of their car lashing at a taxi driver next to me. he was slamming his fist against his window and banging his chest- sad. i'm guilty of this rage and know i have a lot of unresolved conflict within. perhaps i've allowed it to get this far?

i think it's nice you were able to laugh at brother turiynanada steve. =) some may have reacted differently, depending how lost in the little world they are. that's all this feels like at times. all the sorrow, offense, anger, joy, pleasure, desires... every bit of it created from my own little world. not always the place one wants to be.

it's interesting to remember every single person we meet probably experiences life very differently from our own. although we may vary in similarities it's humbling to remember this and try to open up to their experience when you share(as messy as that can be sometimes)

i'm going off on a tangent steve sorry! =) just wanted to reply to your post even though you may be going in a separate direction. it is possible to turn a negative situation into a positive one. my question is, is it necessary to get involved?

thank you for reminding me and reflecting what i've been feeling lately! hope you're having a nice day Mr. Hydonus =)  Tongue
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peace ~ <3

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