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Fake News

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Author Topic: Fake News  (Read 628 times)
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« Reply #60 on: Jul 05, 2017 02:27 pm »

Taken from another thread,
I believe that violence usually leads to more violence. However, the left sees argument and debate over some things as a mode of privilege. They don't actually think that you can debate with fascism. So, one must simply act against it. For example, what good what it be for a Jew in a Nazi camp to debate about why he shouldn't be exterminated? So, something of that line of thinking is where these people are coming from. One problem, though, is that once you accept violence as a mode of solution it inspires other people, with different opinions, to use it as well.

Some Christians think violence would be perfectly justified to stop babies from being "murdered" in abortion clinics, as they imagine the case to be.

And so it goes. I know I'd get attacked by people from the left for saying this, but I think the guy ought to have been allowed to speak. I believe in free speech, I guess. Even for the alt-right.

I think we'd be wise to avoid simple binary thinking and remember that philosophers like Hegel "knew there'd be days like this."

CNN is a perfect example of how corporate elites and other strong hands(referred to as the illusionist) have and continue to push their own Hegelian dialectic. The media has played a major role in creating division among the people, staging events and fabricating stories. It is important to recognize not only their hypocrisy but their repititious direction. The goal these, "illusionist" have deals with taking away basic freedoms, ultimately destroying our current form of democracy and replacing it with a "better one." One which might be guised as a call for peace and a model to a greater "Truth." The same "elites" pushing for violence will be the ruling class when they later pose as the peace makers(that's why they don't care which side you pick). There is this notion that we "need" to be governed... Well greed knows no ends and those with power want to stay in power. So I propose there is a fabrication going on- where $$$ is used to endorse violence and create issues where there are none by challenging personal views with over the top political correctness. I think all of this is done with the hopes that not only you take sides but that you adopt the same tactics used by the opposition. Once we fight among each other we'll decide our current system doesn't work and unknowingly let those who pushed for our demise lead us into a "new age."

CNN isn't the only fake news archived in this section but they make perfect examples for discussion. Their latest hypocritical agenda involves the denouncing of a meme tweeted by President Trump where he is tackling the CNN logo in what looks like a pro wrestling match. They make a big deal calling it violent while simultaneously blackmailing the creator of the meme by threatening to expose him should he ever retract the apology he felt he was "forced" to make. You see, they found where he lives and know his name- by not blasting him they're keeping him in a constant state of fear for his life and that of his families. This coming from the network who ask for people to take sides and shed blood.

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peace ~ <3

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