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Sympathy and Antipathy

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By: Steve Hydonus

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Author Topic: Sympathy and Antipathy  (Read 75 times)
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« on: Dec 22, 2016 10:42 pm »

It's all a flow filled with change, as the title of this thread suggests...  Like the idea, "the opposite of Love is Indifference" and how "love" and "hate" or anger could be so close to each other sometimes (though, a more animalistic "love", as opposed to some transcendent "oneness Love")...

Apparently, this is the way Life on Earth/Nature continues to unfold and progress for Humans...  or one of the ways... the desire for sex is very strong in Humans and all mammals because Nature needed to give incentive to the continuation and evolution of every species that came before us... I don't mean to imply Humans are more important than other animals, but our social activities are unique to us and somewhat less of a mystery than the social dynamics of a wolf pack or bee hive...

Also, we know that change is the only constant in our Universe... if we speak of the Spiritual, we mean what is beyond our Universe or what binds it all in the present moment.  This is Spiritual Love, Oneness, Divinity we all shARE.

The material world is full of chaos and uncertainty, and since our bodies and brains are a part of this wild, hard-to-predict unfoldment of the material Universe, this manifests in some changes we hardly ever see coming or even admit to ourselves when when do sometimes... but which we ultimately learn and grow from.

One of these surprises the Universes can throw at us is in relationships.  People we trusted betraying our trust, or some unconscious impulse causing a surprising change in ourself we are not proud of.  Holding on to memories of when things seemed "perfect" usually isn't ver helpful... however, as a musician/artist, it can be inspiring to try to document the best of times and the struggle of the hard times with music and art.. maybe as a process of alchemy/transmutaion... another way of processing change, growing and learning (and sharing it with others who may relate to it or be helped by the artist's personal story...).

The only way I find to navigate these ever changing waters seems to be being in the moment... letting go of the past, and LOOKING not thinking, at what is before me in the present...

But I still have many animal emotions and desires... Even if I feel total peace and sympathy one day... a week or month from now (possibly after a couple of alcohol drinks) I may feel overwhelmed with a feeling of "how DARE this person have DONE THIS to MEEEE!!!!?!?!?"... or "Poor Meee... Why does it seem all the jerks and selfish people get everyone's love and attention, and my love just gets taken for granted and repayed with coldness and cruelty... Life isn't fair..."

Hopefully meditation, being in the moment, being grateful, healthy physical practices will then get me back to a place of positivity and growth... But I think it is important to acknowledge the relative truth of all of our feelings and thoughts, even (or especially) when they are self-defeating... the world has a lot of chaos in it, so things do not always seem "fair", and our biology is programmed to remind us of this... (i.e. stay away from that part of the jungle... it's not "fair" but those lions will eat you like they did your friend if you go after those bananas...).

We are growing as a Species, Homo Sapiens, to be more kind and have deeper Spiritual values IMO... but this takes time, and we are all only a very small part of the bigger picture of the material world...

Maybe I'm getting a little off topic... but basically, I'm doing better at accepting some forms of change in others, and I believe everyone is doing the best with what they have to work with... So if someone wants to be kind, mean, warm, cold, trustworthy or betraying... this is their path, and our path is to respond in the way we must to protect ourselves and those we love...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Solstice & Christmas!!!! Namaste!  Cheesy Grin Cool
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