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Nikki known as Into Blue, Katze and other names here on our forum.

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Author Topic: Nikki known as Into Blue, Katze and other names here on our forum.  (Read 146 times)
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« on: Jan 28, 2017 03:29 am »


Nikki was a very kind and caring person and has been a member here since 2009. She was one of the first to welcome me and show a common interest in the animal totem section. Her presence carries on through out the Portal...

Of course, a forum can only give us a glimpse to ones personality yet it was IntoBlue who expressed so clearly- through her laughter and insights we're perhaps able to see a little more then most.

I have edited out some of the words in the quotes below to save space, you can click on the link to be redirected and read the full message.
Since there are so many beautiful words shared by our friend I have only provided a taste, to pay respect... And to add, Into Blue has been one of the most welcoming of new members I've discovered while searching through her post.
To explore more, http://musicmeditate.smfforfree.com/index.php?action=profile;u=3;sa=showPosts

Dear Live to Learn,

It is never easy when it comes to the anniversary of someone's death, especially when that someone was a close friend. And when the death happens on a specific event, such as a holiday, or a birthday, it is always there as a reminder. I believe it is important to remember this friend, but to concentrate on happy memories, instead of putting too much focus on the actual date of the passing, as a sad event. I am not saying this is not a sad day, it is and always will be if you let the sadness, grief take control. Try to use the day, to celebrate their life, especially as this happened on Easter Sunday.

Into Blue


Listen to my Soul Song

" Come ....Listen to my soul-song!
The darkness burst,
And Thy descending shafts of light
Pierced the hearts of gloom
To listen to my soul-song.

Behind the screen of my eyes,
Though hidden Thou art,
Thou dost remain unseeen
To listen to my soul-song.

Burst the veil ! Burst the blue !
Burst all lights !
And come to me as Thou art,
To listen to my soul-song.

Burst my senses and my mind!
Burst my heart and feeling !
Burst my silence and my soul
To listen to my soul-song.

Burst the heart ! Burst the sky !
Burst the soul !
And come, listen to my soul- song,
Come, listen to my soul-song!

In the breeze I feel Thy touch;
In the sun, Thy warm love;
In the colorful scenery, Thy beauty face;
In the waves, I see Thee dancing -
Dancing, ever anon!
Thou art dancing o'er my thoughts
To listen to my soul-song.

Listen to my soul- song !
Break the heart, break the sky, break the soul !
Come listen to my soul-song!
Hovering o'er the clouds
Lingering o'er the lea-
Thou hast come
To listen to my soul-song.

Beneath the gloom of my dim devotion
Hidden Thou dost remain
To listen to my soul- song."

How can one not feel that Yogananda is "speaking" to them, when one hears " whispers from Eternity " ?

"In the breeze I feel Thy touch;
In the sun, Thy warm love;
In the colorful scenery, Thy beauty face;
In the waves, I see Thee dancing -
Dancing, ever anon!
Thou art dancing o'er my thoughts
To listen to my soul-song."

Into Blue


I look forward to fun times and sharing in this journey on the soul train, accompanied by some great travel companions, some beautiful music that touches the heart & soul and other spiritual nourishment. ( psst, what is on the menu? ) May God, Guru and the Angels bless everyone on their path towards spiritual enlightenment.

Into Blue

Would it be coincidence that i would find myself in a house with buffalo pictures around and a woman that has the buffalo for her totem? Or is it by fate and sychronicity that this is a message since i also have had a vivid dream about the creature?

Steve Hydonus

Steve, I would say fate and synchronicity. You are on a journey and the buffalo has come to you in a dream. This journey you are on, happened to take you to this house with the buffalo pictures and the woman with the buffalo for her totem.It is all part of the picture, or piece of the puzzle, so to speak.The more we are open to the possibility of receiving messages from spirit, the more we will receive messages from a variety, or combination, of sources.   

Today is declared National Miracle Nut day !  Grin In honor of this Happy, Happy occasion the stars will dance in the moonlight at the stroke of midnite ! Music will be provided by the Musical Wizard himself, enjoy !

While waiting for the clock to strike midnite and the mouse to run up the clock, join Hickory, Dickory Dock and the Almonds in the festivities and enjoy the delightful desserts, all made with the delicious tasting hazelnut! Lucky you to first sample this miracle nut in Isambul.

Hello and welcome Miracleman !  Grin  Delighted to have you join us !

peace & love,
Into Blue

meditation under the stars on the beach, so does that mean that we get breakfast served on the beach too ?  Grin

Hi Prabhat Sinha,

I have a variety of interests. I believe in Angels. I believe that one can have both spiritual & psychic interests and sometimes they even seem to work together. I am creative artistically and I love listening to the songs Steve writes and channels, they touch the heart & the soul. And guess what my favorite color is ? 

Into Blue

Recently I have felt very connected to the angels. Interesting as just now, as I was thinking of a variety of angel connected thoughts, a song came on the radio " Calling All Angels " ... love it when that happens. It is like they are speaking to me, telling me to just ask for help, guidance or just letting me know they are with me. I love it when things come to me in a song.
 I am glad to hear that this advice, re - the angel meditation, is of some help to you. Also, thanks for the reminder of this advice, to me.

Yodel lady yip to lady lou dee
love it when you sing  Cheesy

Dear one, I have told you before, there are ghosts on the forum ! I thought you were going to call Ghostbusters !

Of course I do not take back any kind comments I have said about you, they stand til the end of time.

A spiritual twilight zone
communication and interaction with the world beyond,
limited only by reality, and a limited mindset,
let your wildest imagination set you free
and take you to places you never dreamed to be.

Dear friends,

Please calm your fears, there is no need to worry. This forum is filled with love and light and is protected by an unlimited number of Angels.

Reading about Yogananda has opened my eyes to a new meaning of life, to new ideas, to new ways of meditation and to feeling closer to God and Guru. Not always easy to express in words, sometimes it is just a feeling, but you know it is there, that Yogananda is close, with you on your journey. It is also very special to have someone, or several people, and a forum like this, to share these Yogananda teachings and moments with. Sharing Yogananda moments with others also brings him closer, and for these special moments I have been blessed and I am truly grateful. 

Glory beeeeeeeeeeee can it beeeeeeeeeee ? Is zat you ? Long time no zee, welcome back ZZZ !  Grin  I was just sleeping and I heard zez buzzzing in my ears, like a message from zomebodeeeeeee, no, not Zombie  Shocked and VOILA ! Der is a message from you, oh pardonez moi, I keep forgitting you don't speak French, anyways.... happy to hear from zee again !  Cheesy Long story short, hee hee, thankz for the zen explanation, so sorry about falling off zee bike ! OUCH  Shocked  zee lessonz we learn are not alwayz eazy . I am more than happy to play too, but you must teach me, you choose short & zimple or long & zerotic, on second thought perhaps we practize zeezen first, den zee what happens.

zee you later

Jitendra, that is beautiful. You have been truly blessed. The gift of love is an everlasting gift.

Into Blue 

So I guess the lessons are like swimming lessons then," learning to swim in the calm sea of Bliss ". I knew meat is not good for one, just didn't realize the connection to the breathing and the overworking the heart. The concern about worry  is understandable, it doesn't help anything to worry - except cause more problems. Sometimes it is just not possible though, not to worry......depending on what is going on.

Into Blue 

dreamkeeper ~ How in the world did you come up with that question ?  Shocked
You can't be serious, are you ?  Tongue

I really can't see any benefit to eating an olive pit, first off say good bye to your teeth !

Hello.... is dot you ?  Cheesy  Your life is always filled with interesting twists and turns, one just never knows what to expect, or when .....  lol !  Grin 

Kaleidoscopic colors delight the mind !  Cheesy......

when you finish energizing ....let your spirit unwind  Grin

I could be your soul sister, what an interesting idea ! I think you have covered so much spiritual ground, it would be awhile before you have to worry about loosing too much of it, but I will catch you if I see you falling  Smiley

jai guru
spiritually speaking ~ your younger, soul sister ! Cheesy

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peace ~ <3

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