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Amma on Accepting Duality and going beyond it.

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By: Steve Hydonus

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By: tides2dust

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By: tides2dust

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By: tides2dust
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Author Topic: Amma on Accepting Duality and going beyond it.  (Read 16 times)
Steve Hydonus
Surrender Kitty
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Intereststs; Meditation/Spiritual Life

« on: Jul 20, 2017 08:12 pm »

Part of this existence is accepting duality. People are disappointed because they expect too much.

Suppose you go to an old friend that you have supported and helped for years when they needed help. They recover, and financially are in a position to help you.  You need help and ask them to lend you $5,000 dollars but they will not do it. You become angry because they were from a poor family and you helped them become financially solvent.

That is the way life is. Love the person as being part of yourself. You should love a person as though they are yourself. We should love another as our own self. There is no need for grief or sorrow. As long as we are identified with likes and dislikes we will experience pain. When you step aside you will be able to accept. We want others to be in tune with us. But we will never be in tune with others.

We should be able to understand the nature of the objects of the world. Understanding them we will be able to go beyond them. A man visited a mental hospital and saw a patient who kept saying; 'Boon Boon' He asked the doctor about it and the doctor explained that Boon Boon was the name of the women who left him. He walked further through the hospital and came across another man who kept saying; 'Boon Boon' The man visiting the hospital asked the doctor why he was saying the same thing. The doctor explained; 'Because he is the man that was married to Boon Boon. So you see  if we get the objects of our desires or we do not we will still suffer.
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Light reflects from many facets of diamond

« Reply #1 on: Jul 25, 2017 04:50 am »

In Atlanta this year (2017),
Ammaji's theme had a different theme than in her first visit to Atlanta in 2015.

In 2015, there was more a theme on the environment and some other vibrational theme... a bit of the macro / societal context... our separation from nature...

In 2017, Ammaji spent much time giving parables and illustrations about how we are separating ourselves from each other... 
she told a story about being in traffic...

when a man is stuck in gridlock... he honks his horn,... thinking and saying to the driver in front of him... "hey, look there is space for a whole car in front of you... move up... !!! "    The same man is honked at by the man behind him... he says, "hey, can't you see it's bumper to bumper all around us... "    Ammaji says (trying to distill / parphrase what I caught - I took no notes)... we need to consider this parable...   we need to stop this separation between us...  we need to have compassion for the common experience...  bond instead of separate....

Ammaji was very much on a theme about individual actions and reactions -- )again, not her words, but the theme... how we need to be more compassionate, and stop feeling we are the center of the universe at the expense of others... something like this... it was very striking...
These Great Ones... they speak in parables so we can understand... 

I wish I could tell you more that may mean more, but I can share,...
it was a wonderful experience to be near such a purely integrated (immanent and transcendent) spiritual magnet in the Saint that is Amritanandamaya Devi (our beloved Amma)...

She spoke to me with her physical lungs on two occasions... giving me unique yogic counsel that I was seeking...  she kissed me on the forehead (as my dear one observed and commented)...    when I stayed and sat next to her...  she gave me prasad (as she had when I first met her in physical form this time around in San Ramon)...   she guided me (without words / orchestrating as these Great Ones flow) to one of her elder swami to be in his vibration and hear his words...  she sat me next to others yogis and devotees...  3 distinct experiences...   satsang, ego challenges/peace challenges, chance meetings with others... she had me watch some of her personal luggage for just a bit when I reached out to help the advance team upon first arriving.... so many lil nuances and orchestrations to absorb, ... to assimilate...

I met brothers and sisters in many forms and manners, I served a bit,...

I had some dear ones meet Amma in-person for the first time -- although they've believed and kept Amma near in heart since they heard of her... 

I've seen and heard, and felt so much because of Ammaji's presence and compassion...  I'm so grateful Steve introduced me to Amma... he was the vehicle messenger...   beyond all else,... so pleased to see Amma and Jitendra (Steve) near each other again... never apart are they....

so grateful...
so very humbled,
and a great feeling of a love that my brain cannot comprehend...
beyond (yet inclusive of) the best of human love...


someone that is the nearest and dearest friend...
this is Ammaji
(and there are many great souls moving near that spiritual magnet nucleus)...

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« Reply #2 on: Jun 13, 2018 04:44 am »

there's a special, delicate touch to your expression here and i am feeling the words you wrote. beautiful
peace my friend

this story of boon boon is quite compelling... upon reading from hazarat inayat khan, he speaks of indifference- not in the sense you or i know it...
The Hindus call it Vairagya from which the term Vairagi has come. Vairagi means a person who has become indifferent; and yet indifference is not the word for it. It describes a person who has lost the value in his eyes of all that attracts the human being. It is no more attractive to him; it no more enslaves him. He may still be interested in all things of this life, but is not bound to them.

Perhaps Amma is this angelic-man described by Inayat Khan... I will elaborate in a separate post.
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peace ~ <3

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