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The Destiny of the Soul

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Author Topic: The Destiny of the Soul  (Read 3 times)
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Murshid Inayat Khan...
The journey to the goal and the degeneration of religion...

Though one sees different desires in different people, yet when one studies them keenly one finds they are all different paths leading to one common goal. When one realizes this one's accusations, complaints, and grudges cease at once. However, there is also a natural tendency in man to find the easiest and quickest path to reach the desired goal, and there is also the tendency to share his pleasure, happiness, or comfort with others, and it is this that prompted the prophets and reformers to help mankind on its journey to the goal. Those that follow in their footsteps, forgetting that moral, drag people by the neck to make them follow them, and this has brought about the degeneration of religions.

Christ said, 'In my Father's house are many mansions.' The Prophet has said, 'Every soul has its peculiar religion.' There is a Sanskrit saying, which perhaps deludes those who do not understand it, but which yet means the same thing: 'As many souls as there are, so many gods are there.'

The Sufi, therefore, never troubles which path anybody takes, Islam or Kafir. Nor does he worry which way anyone journeys, the way of evil or of righteousness. For every way to him seems leading to the goal, one sooner and one later, one with difficulty, and one with ease. But those who walk with him willingly, trusting in his comradeship, are his mureeds and call him Murshid. He guides them, not necessarily through the same path he has chosen for himself, but through the path best suited to them.

In reality, the goal is already there where the journey begins. It is a journey in name; it is a goal in the beginning and in the end. It is absurd to say, 'How wicked I am...' or 'How undeveloped I am for reaching the destination!' or to think, 'How many lives will it take, before I shall be ready to arrive at the goal?' The Sufi says, 'If you have courage and if you have sense, come forward. If now you are on earth, your next step will be heaven.' The Sufi thinks, 'From mortality to immortality I will turn as quickly and as easily as I change sides in sleep.'

Secrets to our purpose revealed

A deep study of anything shows the seer that there is a purpose beneath it all. Yet, if one could look beyond every purpose, there would seem to be no purpose. This boundary is called the Wall of Smiles, which means that all purposes of life, which seem at the moment to be so important, fade away as soon as one looks at them from that height called the Wall of Smiles.

But as deeply as the purpose of life can be traced, there seems to be one ultimate purpose working through all planes of life and showing itself through all planes of existence. That is as if the Knower, with His knowing faculty, had been in darkness, desiring to know something. And in order to know something He created all things. Again, it is the desire of the Creator that has been the power which created; and, too, it is the materialized substance of the spirit, a part of Himself, that has been turned into a creation, yet leaving the Creator behind as the absolute Spirit, constantly knowing and experiencing life through all different channels, some developed, some undeveloped for the purpose.

This Knower, through His final creation, man, realizes and knows more than through any other channel of knowledge, such as bird, beast, worm, germ, plant, or rock. This one Spirit, experiencing through various channels, deludes Himself with the delusion of various beings; and it is this delusion which is the individual ego. He experiences, therefore, two things in His delusion: pain and pleasure; pleasure by the experience of a little perfection, and pain by the lack of it. As long as the cover of this delusion keeps His eyes veiled He knows, yet does not know; it is an illusion. He experiences all things, and yet everything is confusion. But as time goes, when this veil becomes thinner and He begins to see through it, the first thing that comes to Him is bewilderment. But the next is knowledge, culminating in vanity, which is the purpose of life.
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