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Self is only Real
Only Self is Real

True Identity behind the mirage

The title is a mantra I do, "I I I I I I I I I"

One of the only recommended practices by Ramana Maharshi

Self Enquiry is also the practice of asking "Who am I?" and simply residing in the "feeling" that brings you to


This Emptiness all around and within the World of Form

99.9% of all Matter is Empty Space

This Physical Universe has a beginning & it will have an end, just like a Dream

What has No Beginning and No End?

The Source of Awareness

Which of these is Real?  The body in the dream is born and dies, just like what gave birth to the body and what gave birth to that body, all the way back to the Earth itself... all the way back to the Big Bang... Everything that Big Bang set in motion will play out, change and resolve in some sort of Ending... then what?  Then the Universe is No More, and only that which existed before the Universe Remains, that is Real. 

Awareness Consciousness God Love Self Truth Light I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

Our Truth Beingness

This is Who and What we all really are

Let us not get identified with the Form of our Temporary Vehicles and all the attachments it brings

You Are Love

I Am Love

We Are Love

Without Form

As Awareness

May this Dream World experience all the Harmony and Joy it may, that our bodies and minds may aid in creating!

But, it is not up to our minds and bodies.  It's all a play, and our bodies and minds will only play their parts.

This Dream Play is not who we really are.  We are not the play.  We are not the actors who are born and die in the Dream Play.  We are what always was and will always Be, long after this play and gazillion more plays and actors come and go, acting out every kind of Drama possible in 10,000 variations for each one...

Who Am I?

Ramana Maharshi said his favorite verse in the Bible was when God tells Moses, "I AM THAT I AM".  He felt this was the truest statement in the whole Bible.

Do we need to be or know a God who changes everything in the play?  What if we could be that or control that God and fix all the wrongs in our Dream Play... no more hunger, homelessness, war, violence, sadness, injustice.... then what do we ask God for?  For no body to grow old and die?  Human and animal bodies colonize space, with immortal bodies that can withstand the force of Supernovas and fly through parallel dimensions, spread throughout eternity, infinity space.... But always with new problems to solve, always with new requests for God to handle, change & fix for these bodies and minds, in their Dream Play...

Why is it a Dream Play?  Why is it not Real?  Because no matter how much Power Human Bodies and Minds gain, the story will end.... new stories begin & then those end...  The excitement of this journey feels endless, but there could be many sudden or gradual endings to even the most long and exciting Play... what after the End?  The same as before the Beginning

Who are you before you were born?

You are that which precedes the Universe's Birth and that which carries on infinitely after it's End.

Who is the one thinking about these words?

Where do you feel the answer to that question?

Stay there.  With no mind.

You Are That

Who Are You?

Stay there in that "I"

Feel it.  Be there.

It is Love and all the Bliss every Mind seeks in the World

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