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StephenK's chart

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Author Topic: StephenK's chart  (Read 73 times)

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« on: Sep 28, 2009 10:51 pm »

This is my contribution to the chart collection.   I was into astrology fairly seriously for about a year, some
25 years ago.  So the subject is foggy-with-time for me now.  But I do remember the basics.  At the time I
was throwing charts the old fashion way, sitting down with the planetary movement books and plowing through
the celestial pathways. I simply love how easy it is to do now with computers.  

  The only drawback with computers is that it tends to separate somewhat the reader of the chart from the
actual process of revelation as the chart slowly takes form.  Instead of the chart taking place over a period
of time, it just appears.  It was in the actual construction of the chart, when I was doing it,  that most of
what I was picking up from the process could convert into interpretive images.  

      But still very time consuming!    :^)

    So here's my chart for the record.  Frankly I love being a Scorpio! I've chosen to align with the better
inclinations of the sign, but I understand the attraction to the lessor of the traits.  I wouldn't be a true Scorpio if I didn't!    :^)

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Intereststs; Meditation/Spiritual Life

« Reply #1 on: Sep 29, 2009 07:48 am »

Well for starters Stephen i like that Jupiter Uranus conjunction you have in the 11th house. Let us just say you have had your share of unusual friendships and group activities. i would think you have a rather bohemian and unconventional sense of humor with that kind of aspect also. Or at least you would come in to contact with it. Now i would also say that you have had your share of confusion in communication from friends and groups. Perhaps this has often seemed as a challenge to personal values and monetary issues with friends. Through these challenges you are able to find a value system and friends that more closely define who you are. Old groups that have no relevancy to your values eventually seem out dated and not in fitting with the present and who you have become over the years. i wonder about your 29th year and just what happened to you in relationship to your mother/women in your life and in your service and work. Were there big changes at the time?

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« Reply #2 on: Sep 29, 2009 08:37 am »

Hi again Steve    :^)

    You're off to a good start.....Thank you!    When I first looked into the inner workings of astrology
I was looking for some insight as to why I felt such a total train wreck at the time.  What caught
my eye early-on in this adventure was the discovery of just how heavily Saturn had influence over
my chart.

    Now in looking over the aspects that astro.com had listed it looks like they have
a tighter ruling as to how big a degree sweep it takes to make up an aspect.  In the books that
I was reading at the time there was a growing consensus that heavy conjunctions would stretch
the width of this influence and thus broaden the aspects somewhat.  With this in mind, Saturn was
influencing the chart in relation to each planet.... At the time I shouted eureka!   This seemed to explain
      Since then I've drifted way from a lot of this astrological imagery  (I just had to run to google to find
out the names of the aspects... couldn't remember Sextile, Trine and the good ol Opposition... now that's rusty!  :^)
But I've always held onto this Saturn thingy....  It made sense then and still makes sense at some level.....

    I feel like I'm living on a hot seat.... all the time driven into motion at some level.  I've found that through channeling
most of this intensity into creative endeavors is perhaps the best format to bring to it some order. So I do photography,
film editing, home building, writing, learn just about everything I can about everyone I know.... the running joke
among our family is, don't worry about interrupting dad if you want to talk to him... if you wait for him to have
nothing to do you'll wait forever!  :^)       All this I basically attribute to Saturn...  (well... and the boat load of
spiritual experiences didn't do much for settling things down :^) 

     I wanted to revisit this because when I think of my chart I think of Saturn...  I've come to like the positive stuff
that comes out of heavily being challenged.   And it's also forcing me to do one other thing that I'm truly growing
to like....  it's forcing me to remain in the "present"... since about the only place I can find peace is by living in the
perfect now....  Only shadows of tomorrow and yesterday is ancient history.... 

.....living within the glowing now is quite wonderful!   :^)

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