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Eric's Natal Chart

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Author Topic: Eric's Natal Chart  (Read 745 times)
blue nova
« on: Apr 14, 2010 08:07 pm »

hello abysmaltouch,

been thinking of you much lately.   

as God is (((AUM)))...every soul is (((AUM))).  such as each body has a unique thumbprint...one that is like no other...each soul has a unique ((( AUM ))) to them.

when in meditation...and one 'hears'  ((( AUM )))....one will either be hearing our own soul, anothers soul...or God.

one often hears a 'ringing' in ear....or in head.  listen to it.  it is of 'divine in nature'.  our soul, another soul, or God.  now...what does that tell us Huh?   shush the 'physical' and often mayan mind and LISTEN.   Cheesy  for IT, usually has something pretty GOOD to say ! 

abysmaltouch...shhhhhh !!!!!!  shut off the analzying mind !  it matters not the messenger...but the message.

the next full moon......i believe..will have much affect on you...a whisper tells me so.  i do not know how to 'read or analyze ' chart ...other than intuition.

bro..you got something major gonna come to you....

keep open the mind during meditations....

you are seeing much now.....you are opened up....time to start Walking.   Cheesy

there are Ones whom are helping you Learn to use your Tools...never mind their package..okay?

Ones..whom are in Form....do you Understand this fact ?

i am not being 'hard' onya.  i am taking Firm Grip...and am expressing this in a way that others can Understand.  Other Souls...who are Experiencing Similar Things...and not Realize this fact-oid.

there was a time.....a long time ago....as a youngster i was.....and i saw 'ghosts' and aliens as daily basis.  every night they came unto me.  as a soul in fresh body i was under God anestesia....

i was not fully aware of why they visit me....yet...i Knew.  i would Remember Why the visits happened...at a later date.  now..the date approaches.....and i Remember more and more.  such as will happen to you.  this is why i express myself....is to help Others....

i must state this fact over again.....it is not for Ego sake.


i was attached to Home and God as youngster.....and then,,,i had to give that up....and start Learning.

i had to learn mayan mind....and then i go back to soul and god.  i did this...so others can Learn.  i have 'been there did that and done that'.  i have been soul, slave to maya, and am soul again...in order to not only further myself in Progress...but to help others...as you have 'chosen to be'.


soooooo many souls are close to God...and do not realize this fact-oid .  i have been blessed...to Learn what it is i have learned....

so many things soul will do in order to get back to god again...

uh oh...i am rambling on...sorry eric......i know i do this to you at times,,, Grin   others need to read...

there is reason for my rambles...and since i feel so comfortable here and with the Ones i Love...i shall ramble on...Huh??

it seems,  that our 'Flight Plans'....are being laid out before us...yes Huh??

it seems...that Many Paths are Crossing Here....at SoulSearching forum...Huh?

ones...that seem to be Written in Destiny Huh??

Flight Plans...are making Themselves known to their Captains....JI ?



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